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  1. Tysm, also what about 3000 MHz BC ram prices are going up and up and up.
  2. Can it run crysis? Also I'm just looking for something better than hd 520 that I can play a few games on before I get my hands on an Rx 5700
  3. I'm thinking of getting a 4400g when it comes out. Can Vega 11 pull off most games at smooth framerrates on most games 1080 medim. After some time I will upgrade to Rx 5700.
  4. Ye should 7gen i9 or 8gen I 7. Better yet if you can go ryzen ru 3800
  5. I’m thinking of making a mini itx build so I can put It on my desk. But there will be no rgb or ways to see in but I really do need a compact build to fit a good GPU.
  6. Oh and possibly a r7 3800/9000 so a better gpu in future
  7. Instead of a 1660ti get an rx 5700 or 5700xt (small bottleneck)
  8. Rx(when it gets bad)5700 or 580/90