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  1. I buy new 256GB ssd and I have 500GB hard disk within has a lot of game.I split hdd to double partition and I only want to clone 1 from that partition.The another one contain game's file.If I clone the window to the ssd,are the window in ssd manage my game in the hard drive
  2. 1.If I want to sli my gpu i need 2 same grafic card(example:gtx 1060 & gtx 1060 or two same grafic card brand but difference chipset(asus gtx 1060 & evga gtx 1070) 2.if I want to SLI I need to buy cpu has more cpu lanes(example 40 cpu lanes) or not
  3. I want to apply grafic card(GTX 1060 3GB) to my old pc,does it support? My pc: intel xeon E5420 2.5 GHz 4core 4threads G41-M msi motherboard RAM 6 GB DDR3 1333mhz
  4. you guys know which motherboad has 4 pci express slot and the motherboard can use 8 core processor. ryzen or intel processor
  5. How to know the BIOS version is match with processor generation