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  1. I recently got a new webcam for my pc (Lenovo 500 FHD Webcam) and one of its advertised features is that it supports windows hello. When I went to set it up windows said that it could not find a windows hello compatible camera. I tried updating drivers and both the normal camera and the IR camera show up in device manager. The normal camera works fine, it is just the windows hello that is not working. Any ideas on what the problem might be?
  2. That is using the Apple files app which is not available on the newest version of iPadOS that the iPad I have supports
  3. Hello, I am trying to get a Minecraft world off of my old iPad 3 (and on to my pc) but there is no files app on the version of iPadOS that it uses and the google drive, mc onedrive, and dropbox all are not supported on the version either. Any one have any ideas as to how I could get the world file off the iPad. also I already tried plugging it into my pc, that didn't work
  4. I recently purchased a new pair of Logitech G733 headphones and the mic has been working fine for about a week or so, but recently It hasn't. If I move the USB dongle to a different USB port the mic works again until I turn the headset off. Once I have used a USB port the mic will not work when plugged into that one again after being turned off. I have tried uninstalling the headset from device manager and then plugging it back in but nothing seems to work. But no matter what the headphones still output audio, so it is just the mic that is having a problem. Does anyone have any ideas as to wha
  5. like I said I hadn't even tried screen recording yet so really the recording software shouldn't make a difference
  6. Ryzen 7 2700x, rx570, 16gb ram, windows 10, epic games, I hadn't even tried it yet with a screen cap software and I planned to just use the xbox game bar thing built into windows
  7. Hello! I was playing some rocket league earlier and saved a replay of a match and wanted to show it to my friends but the file it produced I learned can only be viewed in-game and that you had to screen capture it. So I went into rocket league to play the replay and as soon as it started the game crashed, I tried a couple more times but it kept crashing any ideas?
  8. I currently have an RX 570 and was looking to upgrade but I cant afford any rtx cards and $300 is the most I can spend. I found a msi 5600 xt gaming x for $300 and wondered if that would be a good upgrade. I also dont know if this is a great time for buying a graphics card with the new ones around the corner which could lower current gen cards prices down but if anyone thinks this would be fine or has any other suggestions that would be great. By the way I have a Ryzen 7 2700x if that helps.
  9. I am moving my computer to a different room but would like to keep my wireless vr setup in the room my computer is currently in so I need to extend the VIVE wireless satellite. I found several threads on Reddit and vive’s website saying that you can use a pcie to usb extender and use up to a 20ft cable which I only needed 18 feet but I couldn’t find one of those. I tried two different usb 3.0 cables that were 20 ft and they didn’t work and like I mentioned I only need eighteen but I can’t find one that length so would a 15 and 3 foot together work or is there any signal loss in the connection
  10. That’s true but the idea is to have my is on the drive to have faster boot times and also a couple games but I’d rather not have a drive that could die at any moment which I guess is the case with basically all drives running my os
  11. Hello I recently had a friend whos lenovo think station e32 wasn't booting and so I got his files of the drive and that was all he cared about. He said I could have the computer and that he would be getting a new one. I don't have an m.2 nvme drive in my computer so I thought I would swap the ssds and use the m.2 in my computer. The computer of my friends (after i put it all back together and recovering his files) booted up and then had a blue screen of death and the error i think had something to do with the drive so i rebooted it and it booted up and said it was repairing the drive and then
  12. Never-mind I figured it out
  13. Do you know how to do that
  14. I upgraded my computer a couple months ago and thought about how I could now play modded Minecraft but after trying to play a mod pack from twitch launcher it still was unplayable. I checked the system requirements for the mod pack and my computer more than met the requirements and I tried several different packs and they all didn’t work well but I met the requirements for all of them. My computer has a ryzen 7 2700x, 16gb of 3000 MHz ram, amd Radeon Rx 570.