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  1. My experience with removing the plates: no difference at all (regarding throttling). I'm 100% convinced that the problem with this laptop (at least my unit) is exclusively a BIOS/CPU design issue (not being able to switch back from throttled mode/entering throttling mode when it does not make any sense). Once the laptop is using fans correctly (either through Armory Crate on Windows or Linux kernel 5.6 with asus_wmi driver enabled), there is almost no issues left. The only issue I hit every time is: just after stopping Overwatch (in Linux) I get throttled to 1.4GHz (until reboot).
  2. I decided I'm going to remove them soon, because even with turbo mode and a cooling base it stills gets throttled to 1.4GHz. I think if needed they can be pasted back to avoid voiding warranty. I don't think however bad cooling is the real problem of this laptop. I think all laptops overheat and get throttled when used at max capacity. You may be right that cooling is specially bad with this one, but I'm pretty sure there are tens of laptops in the market with the same bad cooling. I think what really sets this one apart is 2 things: 1. Lame decision of bios starting up the la
  3. I installed armoury crate service from the laptops page, and then the UI on the windows store which allows to switch from silent/normal/turbo mode. This alone and switching out of silent mode was enough to make it behave. I don't know, as suggested on this article it stays on silent mode on Linux, and a new version will bring the ability to switch modes: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=ASUS-TUF-Ryzen-Thermal-Fix Or maybe like you say, it can switch modes, but it does it in a not very smart way...
  4. I've been reading and doing some testing, and seems like main issue with this laptop is: BIOS sets profile to silent on every reboot, which is broken and is not able to keep the laptop cool, so it gets throttled. On Windows fix is installing armoury crate and setting balanced or turbo profile, and on linux, control of profiles will come with kernel 5.6 (plus setting balanced by default on bootup). Is this theory correct? Has anybody had problems when setting the profile out of silent mode on Windows? I installed Windows for the first time on this laptop and was having the exact same issues
  5. I'm wondering if doing the vent fix voids the warranty. It would be sad to do a fix for a broken product while still on warranty and lose it.
  6. I saw it, but seems a bit risky... What I ended up doing: downgrade to bios 207 (removes issues on normal usage) + setting some limits on the ryzencontroller app as recommended by Bobbydigital (removes issues while gaming). I set temp limit to 80ºC and STAPM, PPT fast, PPT slow to 45W. Sometimes I get throttled to 1.4GHz, but at least the most annoying throttle seems to have disappeared.
  7. I think v207 is much more stable, I'm not surprised if some people with that version never hit this bug or do it so rarely they don't even notice.
  8. Yep, I start it with `sudo ryzencontroller --no-sandbox`. I've added a temp limit of 85º too too see if it helps.
  9. Thanks! I was directly supposing that was one of those official windows-only tools. I've set it up with with the lax limit of 45W on STAPM, PPT Slow and PPT Fast and it has already gone twice to 400MHz. Are you using those same settings on Arch too? In any case, I'm not sure if in my case this settings work, because as dumb as it may sound, it works like a charm under heavy loads and gets throttled when idle.
  10. I'm also getting this issue, in this case in linux. Surprisingly, after installing v208 I get it when I leave the laptop mostly idle for 1 min or so, while I can keep playing videogames for hours without issue. Seems like a combination of underventilation when being idle plus not being able to recover from the throttling. I hope somebody in the community discovers a way to patch the bios with a different preset, it was a very good deal I got... otherwise I'm going to need to ask for a refund, because it's not fun having to put a youtube video playing all the time so the laptop does not become