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  1. Like I said in my post, the PSU is brand new and supposedly high quality, I know it's supposed to be quiet but as far is I can tell it's not (assuming that's the source of the noise).
  2. It's not coil whine I can tell you that for sure since I've heard a recording of the noise. I don't think stopping the PSU fan is a good idea?
  3. A friend of mine built a pc, (he picked the parts and the store assembled it). The computer is noisy even at idle, produces this constant hum. Due to covid I can't go help him physically, but over the phone we temporarily completley disabled the CPU fan, GPU fan, all case fans, and disconnected the HDD, but the noise still persisted. So the only component I can think of that makes the noise is the PSU, though I don't see a reason for it to be that noisy? The noise is consistant and still happens when nothing is running and all the componenst are completely idle. Any cl
  4. Sorry I accidentally commented on the wrong model.
  5. I'm not a photo/video editor by any means (though I do enjoy it from time to time), so don't take my opinion for more than what it is. However I did just purchase this exact monitor about a week ago and I really enjoy it. It's very bright, the colors are very vivid and vibrant, videos and games look beautiful. It has a lot of configuration in the menu, easy to navigate too. The monitor has nice I/O, including some usb ports since it acts as a usb hub with an included usb A to B cable (along with HDMI and DP to Mini DP in the box). The stand feels sturdy and easy
  6. Update: Just got the replacment monitor, it's immediately much much better! I did tweak it to my personal taste but with very minimal changes from the default. Trying to use the same settings I used on the first monitor looks absolutely ridiculous right now. So I think it's safe to say I just got unlucky with the first one as it was defective.
  7. A little update if it interests you, I just installed my previous monitor back since I had to put the new one back in the box in order to get it replaced. And I immediately noticed that the old monitor looks more blue even compared to the new monitor *after* my "color correction". So it seems like I didn't over-tune the new one to the point where it looks too blue, otherwise the old monitor would have looked fine to me. (Also as a side note, the difference in brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness is amazing) Anyway, we'll see how the replacement monitor looks tomo
  8. Color temp was set to 6500K on default, so it wasn't that. Blue light filter is off of course. I do have a clibration report in the box, however I have very little clue on how to read it. I've read that review (and others) before, mine was definitely not red in any way, it was mostly green. I've tried all of the presets, they're obviously different from each other, mostly in brightness/contrast but slightly in color too. However they all share (with various amounts) this green/yellow tint.
  9. I've tried taking some pictures right now with my phone, but the screen is so bright that it changes the entire white balance of the photo and I can't seem to get a natural one. But regardless I'm going to get this screen replaced (with the same model) since I just found a dead pixel. We'll see if the replacment has the same tint or not. Thanks for the help!
  10. Even if that's true (which I don't believe it is), the white on the monitor was clearly yellow compared to any real life white object I had. I might be wrong but I'm assuming a good monitor shouldn't do that?
  11. I just got an ASUS ProArt PA278QV 27”, which is supposedly pre-calibrated and calman verified, came with fancy documentation. However the screen looked way off, it had a very noticable green/yellow tint. After tweaking the settings it actually looks great, but I had to use (what I believe are) pretty extreme values on the color gain and offset. Is this normal?
  12. So... is my current setup correct or not? (sorry for my ignorance!)
  13. I just got my new build and installed my Noctua NH L12S on my Ryzen 3800X, with the fan being at the top (rather at the bottom which comes default). however, I do not know if I installed it correctly. At first I set the fan with the noctua logo facing away from the cpu/heatsink, but that resulted in a very strange noise (not a typical fan noise). The noise went away when I flipped the fan and put it on with the noctua logo facing the cpu/heatsink. However, I do want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong. Any insight? Thanks!