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  1. yea it came with thermal paste but i changed my mobo so gotta re apply and yea not doing some heavy stuff like editing or programming jst planning to play like fortnite and LOL and no overclocking.my cpu cooler is the stock one that comes with the ryzen 5 3600
  2. im just using my pc to game not do alot of things so it will hold out right??
  3. but I can use it for now till I get a better one in like a week or so right?
  4. I live in fiji so dnt have a wide variety to choose from F but do u think this can do the job??
  5. it says heatsink compound and thermally conductive silicone grease on it.the brand is Chemtools
  6. so I got this thermal conductive silicone grease and its color is like glue its not greyish like the ones in the videos.Just wondering is it still good??
  7. so I got a new motherboard and im wondering if I could use the ram sticks on my old motherboard on this new one.The rams are ddr4 so its compatible with the new mobo
  8. aight thanks btw my 3 2200G has likr thermal paste on one of its pins on the side.Is it okay if I dip it in alcohol then use a toothbrush to clean it off
  9. nope but im sure its a pretty old one
  10. I also have a ryzen 3 2200G is that old enough to work on the mobo to update the bios?
  11. Ok so I got a new mobo but I think the bios is not up to date with my cpu a ryzen 5 3600.Can I still use the cpu on the mobo and then update the bios from there?
  12. 16gb ram 1060 card and ryzen 5 3600.what do u mean by what type of pre built
  13. Ok so I have a ryzen 5 3600 and my old mobo is dead so I bought a new one which is a GA-A320M-H but when I checked on pc partpicker there was no ryzen 5 3600 compatible to it.So my quesrion is are they compatible but pc partpicker just didnt put it there or are they not
  14. it was prebuilt.So I have to get the same exact mobo?why cant it be a different mobo thats compatible with my components if its pre built?
  15. Hello,so uhm my motherboard is dead and im planning on getting a new one.Do I have to get the same exact one I had or another motherboard thats compatible with my cpu,gpu and ram.Its a prebuilt system btw
  16. My friend has the same issue and we have the exact same pc.He installed his old cpu back but still cant turn on
  17. I already updated my bios to p.6 b4 installing the cpu and I have a gtx 1060 already installed.
  18. I suspect its the psu coz like the pc cant turn on like nothing is lighting up,no sound and no fan spinning