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    United States
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  • CPU
    Ryzen r9 3900x
  • Motherboard
    asus strix x570 e
  • RAM
    32gb Corsair vengence rgb pro 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    evga 2080ti xc hybrid
  • Case
    corsair 780T
  • Storage
    1gb nvme 970 evo Plus 512 gb 860 evo ssd 2tb WD Black
  • PSU
    corsair 1200Axi
  • Cooling
    kraken x61 cpu cooler 280mm
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro

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  1. Well trying to think of a brand of fan setup that would be affordble and work well @Dedayog
  2. So i may go air cooling instead of aio, and my case is pretty plane for whats inside of it and i do like rgb so i only want them to be compatable with aura sync, only fan id need to be static pressure is the fan on my aio 2080ti even that if can be replaced with rgb or none rgb, so lets hear some suggestions Also heres the config id go of whats capable for it https://gyazo.com/a1e29ac9a037b0fa5909afeaedb22e5f
  3. Out of all of these which would best be able to sustain a 3900x with auto and pbo enabled for the most decent prices in the us?
  4. @SolarNova i mean yea but at the same time idk if the antec liquid cooler can go one way only munting or can push the vrm cooler fan on the cooler to another side since the board is cooled by beefy heatsink and a single fan
  5. voltage with pbo under idle is 1.42 to 1.45 or more so it idles kinda at 50 or so with, but when it is hit load and all is auto and pbo set nothing much manual it voltage goes to 1.31- 1.33 it as it loads heavy it produces more heat but less voltage on my icue software on blender i can hit easily 450-500ish watts on my 2080ti hybrid and 3900x and goes to 87-90 or more before i stop it @SolarNova
  6. also i think total time i have had my aio is at about 50-55k hours i wonder if its something besides pump @SolarNova
  7. @SolarNova will it conflict with any of my board components considering strix x570e and tallerish ram also looking at price performance but my question is this is this if its transfering the heat then what causing my heat to spike so badly?
  8. Rn im seeing more recommendation of air then aio but if someone can say from experence which they have seen or experenced has cool better then all the better, sooner is better in my case
  9. will it work with my mobo with the ram with its beefy from cooling? @Jeppes
  10. will my noctura chroma black work on the cooler? with push pull config and if i wanna go all 140 what would be that config? @jaslion
  11. ive had it for 5 years or so with constant heavy oc use so iguess i cant blame it @jaslion so air cooling can cool my stuff down just as much then aio so what should my fan config be then? i got on top case can fit i think 3 120 or 2 140 front can support 3 120 or 2 200mm or 2 140mm i think and back has it for the gpu aio
  12. the thermal paste also spreaded evenly so its making contact i remounted it and checked that @jaslion
  13. @Mateyyyits all auto and pbo with mobo controlling oc so its nothing super special and its coming out the top of the case
  14. The top rad does get extemely hot like legit really hot even to the case level like its not outputting or despiating enough heat @jaslion