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  • Birthday Jan 16, 2006

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    Perth, Western Australia
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    Computers, video games.... ummm
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    I deliver junk mail


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    16gb ddr4 @ 3200
  • GPU
    GTX 1080
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide Spec Delta
  • Storage
    240gb nvme ssd
    500gb Portable Hard Drive
  • PSU
    Smart RGB 500w PSU
  • Display(s)
    AOC 24g2u, 1080p 144hz IPS 24inch
  • Cooling
    ID-Cooling auraflow 240x
    3x RGB Corsair fans
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K55
  • Mouse
    Corsair Mouse
  • Sound
    NEW PS4 Gold Wireless Headset
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • Laptop
    MacBook Air 13inch 2017
  • Phone
    Xiaomi Mi9T

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  1. Hey, will the Logitech Z906 work with the ps5 with sorround. the ps5 has no optical audio port but could u ran it through the TV or aox. Thanks!
  2. I dont see the point in that though, trading in a whole console for just a gpu.
  3. Hey, found someone who is willing to swap a gaming pc with 32gb of ram, a8 5600k, 2060 (and the most disgusting cable management) for a PS4 PRO with games. Is it worth it? Like, i want to try and sell this to a friend for some money towards a PS5, but i dont want him to get a shite build, just needs someone's opinion. If someone thinks i should go for it how much should i sell it for, thanks! (Oh, dont worry i will clean the monstrosity that is that build)
  4. This is my full spec list , i am running slots 2 and 4 and xmp enabled. Im not sure if this would work but if it was a faulty ram stick should i try one stick at a time?
  5. im running a 500w thermaltake unit, 80 plus. Its not a sketchy one from 2009 second hand, its brand new.
  6. Hi, like the title says, everything is just crashing. I'm not sure what it is but I would put my money on the power supply, I have a 2700x and a GTX 1080. I'm planning on getting like a 650W one, but I just want to confirm it is the psu. If anyone would have any ideas, it would help allot (I really want this fixed before cold war comes out) Thankyou!
  7. Hey, my keycap has snapped in half and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of putting it back together. Don't ask how becuase I think we all know xD. Thanks (F3)
  8. Hey, what I did was I pushed it together, and then it fit. I just tried really hard, no hammer or anything, so. Thanks
  9. Update: found another 12v RGB header for my CPU cooler just to test it, and it fits fine, so it's something wrong with the case one. Should I get an extender? (The one on the right is the one that fits)
  10. Hey, im currently building a new pc in the Corsair Spec Delta. And the 12v RGB header dousnt seem to fit, I push it in but it just falls back out, another post had the same issue but never really came up with a solution. Fans definitely work as they spin. Thanks please help.
  11. Did you find a solution? Having this problem right now in the same case, can't just leave it in as it will fall out
  12. Ok, all works now, I think. Followed JayTwoCents video. I put in a 1050ti and unisnatlled all things capable of overclocking, thanks