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  1. OK so I opened it up and I put my 2 noctua fans on cpu1. I then tried the hub in cpu2 and can't control it at all. Why won't my hub let me control it with PWM am I doing something wrong? I know cpu2 is PWM so that's not the issue. The hub's little tag on the plug says PWM lol do you think it just doesn't work or what?
  2. But it's in cpu1 now so it should be controllable! The thing is it just controls the 2 cpu fans that are plugged into the hub, not the 6 case fans.
  3. I bought myself a nice inwin 303c for Christmas and populated it with a set of these cheap uphere fans. They suit my purpose well and I like the effect but the fans seem to be running at like 50% constantly. The fans came with a hub and I have all of the fans and my 2 noctua cpu cooler fans plugged into it in the 7th spot where (I think) they are supposed to be. The 2 cooler fans are plugged into the noctua splitter and I'm not using the low noise adapter. I have the hub plugged into my cpu header on the board. I have one other case fan plugged into sys1 that's blowing out the back as well. So