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  1. a generous 650W 80+ silver form silverstone
  2. update 10/19/2020, crashes still happen, why idk? its not overheating, prime95 for one hour no crashes, heaven for one hour also no crashes, but playing rainbow six or generally any game out of nowhere will crash with classic event id 41 kernel power.
  3. everything i did on updating stuff, just left audio driver, that shouldnt be a problem. how do i update my build then?
  4. i didnt overclock anything, at first i think it was cpu problem or smth, but after burning it with prime i dont see any issues, then i run heaven for 20 minutes, and that still have no impact on stability, also this is only valorant, im assuming its their dumb vanguard problem again
  5. Title says it, when i launch valorant it crashes my pc and reboots back up on its own. Event viewer doesnt say much but just kernel power id:41, DNS Client event id:1012. It was working fine the day before. I ran prime95 for 5 minutes and theres no crashes, i sincerely need help. and 24 gb of ram 16+8, 2666/2133, i have no issue combining ram as it doesnt make me crash since i started
  6. i changed my cooler to a cheapo cooler master for 25 bucks and now it just sits at 47 even at full load
  7. im doing prime 95 now and its hitting 90+ celcius touching 98(3 cores thermal throttled at 99)
  8. i do not get blue screen of death, but there was one time i got memory error, but then i use memory diagnostic and its perfectly fine. The workload is just random, sometimes playing games, sometimes doing powerpoint slides. System does not restart, it just dies there.
  9. My computer crashes followed by audio loop/stutter and shit its annoying it has been like this for 3 years and its inconsistent crashes. attach is the event log seconds before crash comes pc spec: cpu and gpu stated 750w psu.16gb 2666+8gb 2133 ddr4 boot drive and drives are on hw64 it started before i even started mixing rams Help.evtx
  10. cant, its how the system works, those are legit numbers
  11. and 1k people bought it some smart people right here
  12. So recently I came across this on shopee, which is Malaysian amazon, and I saw this banger deal for MYR31 which is around 7-8 usd for a 2TB USB drive. Anyone on the skeptic side?