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  1. Thanks for the info. Also if someone else is interested in this PSU, I found a Chinese review (the only one I could find) https://www.expreview.com/66077-2.html
  2. I read some reviews and found out that Gigabyte Aorus P850W has a solid performance overall, almost top class. (No reviews for 750W version tho?) Some gripes are; Non sleeved capacitors hanging at the end of connectors, (I don't have a windowed case, so...) Using double ball bearing fan and weird fan curve causing extra noise, especially at higher loads. (As far as I know ball bearing fans are more failproof than liquid, and since I will barely hit %50 capacity with my system I don't think it will be a problem) Mostly higher price than competitors. (No
  3. Wow, thanks for clarifying!
  4. Well, I found another option; Gigabyte Aorus P750 (AP750GM) => 115 USD. I realized the 850W version is Tier A- but nothing mentioned about 750W version. (850W version is also available for 130 USD) I know 750W is unnecesary for my build but it also has 10 years warranty, so maybe better buy for the less money than BQ! SP11 550W?
  5. Thanks a lot for checking Spotty.
  6. @Spotty Thanks a lot for the detailed answer! Yes two things with the SF450 is; being 450W and cable lenght. (I read a review that it comes with SFX>ATX adapter, but can't be sure) I'm leaning towards to SP11 550W right now.
  7. Hi all! I couldn't decide if I should open a new thread for this, please tell if I should. Thanks mod! So I have been using my XFX PRO 650W XXX Edition for 8 years now, and just after upgrading my GPU to Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT (Previously GTX970) I noticed it's making a buzzing noise like coil whine under load. So, I know it's already risky to keep the same PSU on my 3rd system, but after I heard the noise I decided to change it before it blows up or something? I made some research and thanks to you people I found some alternatives in my country to choose fr