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  1. Hi, turns out Gigabyte has such thing called Hybrid Headers and there are 2 of these on my motherboard, CPU fan and system fan. These support up to 2A each.
  2. I’m building my PC today, I just don’t want to damage any components if I go over the wrong limit. My case came with 4 fans.
  3. The manual does not say anything whatsoever so I went looking around on the internet. Some people are saying it can go up to 2A as it’s a hybrid header (not sure what that is) and some people say it’s 1A. I have 4 fans, 3 of which are RGB and my motherboard only has 1 fan header which I’d like to connect them all to.
  4. One last question, I am putting my build together tomorrow and my case comes with 3 RGB fans at 0.38A (I think) and a exhaust fan (not sure the amperage). I have B450M DS3H V2 which has 1 SYS_FAN header and I do not know what amperage the header supports. It’s not in the manual and I’m planning on connecting all fans to it. Some answers I see it is 2A as it is a hybrid header (I’m not sure) but some say it’s 1A. Could you help.
  5. So a 3 pin fan only needs 2 pins to run from what I understand. These fans are also RGB but they have a separate splitter which goes into RGB header. The 3 fans should work with 2 pins then?
  6. Okay, A is my fan and B is the fan header. If I put A into B, only 2 holes will be occupied and 1 pin completely ignored. This will make my fans spin?
  7. Yes but my fans are all 3 pin so if I attempt to put the fan header in, only 2 pins will go in and the last will not be used.
  8. I brought this fan splitter because my motherboard had one system fan header and my fans are for 3 pin (all next to each other) but with that gap only two pins go in? Unless it’s meant to be this way I will return it. Can someone answer if it’s meant to be like this?
  9. The RGB is 4 pin and for it to spin, they are 3 pin. They come with 2 cables. I figured it out either way. They come with a RGB splitter and you connect the RGB cables to it and then connect the splitter to JRGB1.
  10. I am using a B450M Pro VDH MAX motherboard and the SPEC-DELTA comes with 3 120mm RGB fans along with a single 120mm non-RGB fan. My motherboard comes with two SYS_FAN connectors and one JRBG1 connector. Do the RGB fans of the SPEC-DELTA come with a splitter so that I can connect them all to the JRGB1 connector? P.S. I know I will need a separate splitter for SYS_FAN so that I can get them all to spin.
  11. Both are pretty expensive right and I'm wondering what the price of a used 980Ti and 1650 Super were before the price spike. My friend has a used 980Ti which I could buy scalper-price free. Would someone mind explaining the performance difference between both cards and the price of them before price increase? Thanks
  12. No, i'm sorry I phrased it badly. I meant the PC is £700 and I have around £550 to spend for the rest of the components. Sorry for a bad job of phrasing.
  13. I am on a £700 budget and I would rather stick with brand new components.
  14. The RX590 I was looking to get is £170. The power supply I am using is the Corsair CP-9020103-UK CX Series CX650M ATX/EPS Semi-Modular 80 Plus Bronze 650 W Power Supply Unit for £67.85. I uploaded my build here for reference.