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    AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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    Asrock X570 Phamtom Gaming 4
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Series 32 Go (4 x 8 Go) DDR4 3600 MHz CL18
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    ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER AMP
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    Corsair MP600

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  1. Just in case some other people were searching for an office/gaming chair, I would like to let them know that I am perfectly satisfied with my Aeron 2. Actually, I bought a second one to put at work... It is worth every single cent !
  2. Sure, NVMe and graphics card for instance.
  3. If there is nothing there, Error, critical or even warning or simple event talking about the problem. I don't know. That would mean that windows does not see that the app crashes which is really really odd. Maybe look at your temps but still, I am sure you can find some infos in the event viewer.
  4. Click on the search bar, "event viewer" windows events / system and you search for "errors" that occurs at the time your game is crashing. (then do the same in the app logs => windows events / applications) nb : my windows is in french, so keep in mind I am gessing the names in english, it might be a little different
  5. First thing to do : Look at Windows Event viewer to see what it tells you when the games are crashing.
  6. In some countries, the warranty is only for the first owner. So if @cyanmoon bought it used in one of those countries, well, it is not under warranty anymore. That's one case scenario but there might be other cases.
  7. Isn't it still under warranty ? If you so, don't do anything but calling your dealer. In case it is not under warranty anymore, you might want to send an email to Gigabyte to ask them what to do. Just in case, make sure the fan connector is plugged corretly
  8. In that case you cant to look at the 7th column which is "GPU" and not CPU.
  9. Simple answer : NO. Pci Gen 4 wont make any difference especialy if you dont get a Pci Gen 4 SSD (and even if you do get one, there will be no difference gaming wize).
  10. Well no, I mean, the actual piece on which you seat on. But HM told me it is perfectly normal and designed like this.
  11. It took more time than expected but... It showed up on monday ! It is definitly a great chair. Not that easy to setup but great anyways. My only concerne is about the seat that seams to move a little bit. I send an email to HM to make sure this is normal. Despite that problem it is awesome ! Really big thanks @geo3 and @Quackwich
  12. Did you try each ram stick individualy ? Did all of them work ?
  13. Are those any smaller than the MSI ?