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  1. *pulls up the windows 7 disk* i t ' s s t i l l a n o p t i o n
  2. So i just installed a new windows 10 on my ssd (111gb) and i see that there's 76gb free out of 111, is it possible that windows is taking 35gb?.
  3. yea sorry i forgot about that-
  4. it might be a bad price in other countries but it's just the pricing of cards in israel rn- an rtx 2060 (regular one) is 667 bucks!..
  5. oh a'ight, i just wanted to make sure on this forum cos where i live this is a really cheap price for this gpu..
  6. So a friend wants to sell me his rtx 2070 super strix 8gb 3 fans for 623 bucks.. he has been using it for about a year and than got a new gpu, good deal?.
  7. i use chrome but it happends only in the mix outside of it the videos work fine
  8. i have a gigabyte gtx 1660 3gb, and no only happends in this very mix.
  9. 1080p this thing fucking kills me tho, it freezes for whole MINUTES at a time
  10. i have 8gb of ram hyper x fury 4x2 2000mhz and an i7 7700k, it never happends with any other mix.
  11. i sent the link but it doesn't show up, anyway that's the album is silly string by yotam perel
  12. so there's this album i like to listen to on youtube, but every time i open it it puts me ram on 65% and it's super hard to control google this is the album