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  1. well yea i already know that, i just used it to describe how awfully annoying what happend was.
  2. the pc seems fine actually, it's 4 am rn tho. what spesific cables do i need to check?.
  3. the pc is in my desk (it's like on a big shelf for the pc itself) and there's not a lot of space around there so sometimes my leg accidently hits it, and i think the pc shuts off because the hard drive and the ssd are in the front.
  4. so i was cleaning my room, and i took the pc out of the table, and i already was intending to fix something cos the ram always failed when the pc got hit on the back. so i come to turn on the pc and it shows the usual signs of a burnt borad. and i go like "fuck that's a new pc, my dad will kick my ass." and i stressed and i am trying to fix it cos it wasn't possible it's a burnt board. and everything is failed so i went "fuck it it's 2 am and there's bombs outside, i'll try to fix it tommorow." i restart the pc and what the fuck you god damn asshole. it' turns on!!.
  5. i never actually saw something like that in my textbooks, hebrew books stuff.
  6. lmao, only if pc's had that much ram.
  7. i know it's not really a term but i hate it when people confuse memory (ram) with storage "memory".
  8. my pc is in this little cage of wood inside the table, and if i accidently hit the front of the pc with my leg it just crashes, the monitor keeps displaying but i need to force shutdown by button to restart it. why?.
  9. thnks :), now i can buy the same kit and upgrade.
  10. um...is kingston apart of hyperx?..
  11. i looked there, it says 2000mhz, which oddly i can't find on any stores in israel close to my house are
  12. i already know that both of them are Hyperx fury 4gb's each one of them, but i am really not sure about the speed because it confuses me between the program and the bios numbers (edit: they are 2000mhz.. i think.)