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    PRONOOB895 got a reaction from Tormund in 16GB x 2 3200MHz Dominator Platinum RGB not hitting 3200MHz Help Please!   
    That’s normal with AMD, try to Overclocking it yourself
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    PRONOOB895 got a reaction from O_Bedstew in For $400 RTX 2070 OR RTX 2060 Super?   
    The RTX 2070, have more RT OPS and better performance.
    I don’t recommend buying AMD Graphic card because not all games take advantage of it
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    PRONOOB895 reacted to LogicWeasel in A CPU without bottleneck for rx 570 under 200$   
    Ryzen 5 2600 (or 1600 if found for at least $30-40 cheaper, like at a local microcenter).  Fits the price-tier of your graphics card as the 3600 would pair more with a higher tier GPU.