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  1. Hello, I've recently moved into an apartment complex, and the internet sucks, under 25mb/s download when they advertised "High speed internet", Now I don't know anything about networks but I wanted to investigate and check if they are using the same internet package for all the apartments. (Each apartment has its own router). and after connecting to two in different areas, I got the same IP on both of them except that the last 2 digits were different. (Check examples), What does this mean? Are all apartments on the same IP meaning if someone is dumb enough to get DDoSed, everyone else will be
  2. Good point, Switched it out for 3600mhz @ CL14, and got 2 8tb so I can run them in raid, and yeah I do know I won't be able to get the limited edition one, but pcpartpicker didn't list the normal red devil one which is what I'm going to get. or at least any other 6900XT card is enough. SN850 does have slightly more write speeds, although it does tend to get hot even when idle (according to tomshardware's testing), Sab Rocket 4 is also definitely a great drive and much faster write speed than 980 pro (7gbps), although it's not quite as responsive and effecient as samsungs ssd's,
  3. I may be wrong but if iirc, 980 pros Sequential Read/Write speeds are 7000MB/s / 5100MB/s, what other drive do you recommend I get?
  4. USD, I have No budget (Doesn't mean Ima get a threadripper with crossfire 6900xt's or anything way overkill), US / Can pay shipping from other countries if reasonable deal. Will be used strictly for Gaming, Some video editing and rendering at times. Might start streaming Already have all peripherals and some 144hz 1440p monitors and I have been wanting an Ultrawide for a while so I added a Odyssey G9, Prefer purchasing from Newegg and Amazon. (Newegg more preferably) Current list: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item
  5. I've never looked at it before since Radeon software never mentioned memory temp and only found out once I started using Pulseway, pretty odd how its relatively higher than the junction temp, Thanks for the answer though.
  6. Hello, My Red devil 5700xt memory temperature is hitting 90C while my GPU Doesn't even reach 65C, and my junction temp is below 80C, is this normal? Also memory clock is OC'ed at 1884, and has been running stable under full load 24/7 for days, not sure why memory temps suddenly decided to spike temps: https://prnt.sc/11ajeuf
  7. I didn't know it was that simple, Thank you, Although for some reason, the miner doesn't detect my 5700 XT and states that it detected 0 devices, Do you know any way to fix it? I have the latest AMD 5700XT Drivers installed. https://prnt.sc/117h6qs
  8. Hey I'm having trouble installing nanominer which is compatible with linux (https://github.com/nanopool/nanominer/releases), it's a tar.gz file and has an exe. I've tried using WineHQ to run the exe, and I've tried using terminal to install the tar.gz using ./configure but it would just say No such file or directory, anyone has any idea how to install nanominer, Any help is appreciated, thanks
  9. Wasn't sure where to place this thread but since this is a rig I'm planning to buy, i thought it could be placed in the new builds & planning section Anyways, Is this a good deal? It does 2gh/s and is pretty cheap, I'm not sure if its a real and trust able site since the MSRP of the A11 PRO is 26k USD according to google, maybe google lied to me. https://incheonbitcoin.shop/pre-order-new-innosilicon-a11-pro-8gb-memory-and-2000-mhs-ethereum-miners.html Thanks
  10. Well, I did sign a contract and they never said there is a limit to power usage so I'm not too worried even if they noticed, and they most likely wouldn't say anything considering its managed by a big company not just a landlord.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if I can safely keep my PC on for months under full load. What are the risks? I've run it under full load for the past 48 hours to gather temperature information and my 5700XT would hover around 65C constantly with the fans at about 73%, if I would limit the max fan speed to 50%, it will spike up to 75 C. Is it fine if the fan stays at around 75% 24/7 and what are the chances of it failing? How many years will the GPU most likely last? Also, other components were rather cool, my CPU will not be used so that's not issue, Check below for my overclocking settings
  12. Fortunately, I don't pay for electricity, What GPU do you suggest I should get then, for a reasonable performance for dollar price, also take into consideration that I will probably buy like 3-6 GPU's.
  13. Budget (including currency): 150 - 200 Canadian Dollars Country: Canada Will be used mainly for mining crypto. I'm building a mining rig and would like to know what GPU would be the most performance for dollar with a budget of around 150 - 200 CAD$ for the GPU (MSRP Obviously). I've seen some people say the RX 560 or 570, or the 1050 ti, also I most likely will be buying more than 1 GPU, Thanks.
  14. Hello, I found this Belkin surge protector on amazon and it has a joule rating for 565 joules with a 20,000 euro Connected equipment warranty, How are they so confident that 565 joules is enough when most modern home appliances need more than 1000 joules, Is the warranty just talk to attract customers or do they actually warranty your damaged equipment from power surges? Thanks.