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  1. Just cleaned out my water block.... On full load I now only get 61c It is still a bit high but OK I guess
  2. In my new build I will use some ek growth inhibitor. I now have distilled water. And the substance on the green inner wall tubes was kind of a white matter.
  3. A thing that comes to mind is that I used to have green tubes. Then the inner tubing became opaque. Then I replaced the water ceveral times. Then I bought a waterblock for the 2080 Then I bought the 3900x and the x570 and a d5 pump and clear tubes. So can it be that the green tubes created a nasty gue that glogged up the Fins? Sidenote ( I ordered the thermaltake level 20xt) When it arrives I will clean the block. (little late due to Corona....)
  4. The only thing I did was what buildzoid said in this video PPT limit 300 TDC limit 230 EDC limit 230 I will give you core voltage tomorrow
  5. Mounted it twice... The same way I always do
  6. I am sure it is functioning properly because otherwise my gpu would be hot (same loop).
  7. Forgot to mention that my waterblock is a barrow waterblock
  8. I applied some extra liquid metal because I thought it was necessary. Decreased 3c..... Cpu is now around the 70s...
  9. I have full mounting pressure, and I did use the "cotton whipe" to smear both sides
  10. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if it's normal that my 3900x is hitting up to 73c when hitting it with folding at home at 4,08ghz... I have a dual 360radiator (6cm thick) D5 pump Water temperature is max 29c My 2080 only hits 40c (full load furmark) Room temp is 21c Latest bios x570 pro I find it kind of strange that a 2080 has a delta of 11c when my 3900x has a delta of over 40c.... And my 2080 has no liquid metal.... Do you guys think it's due to 1 bad liquid metal application 2 Bad waterblock 3 Or......
  11. Little problem.... I thought I knew where the svv16 cable entered my house..... Apperently I don't know.... How to find where this cable come in the house....? Jr45 cable finders are kind of weak... Better options?
  12. I would love to run an utp to there.... My mom (garden person) not so much. The camera is a reolink camera(has wifi)
  13. And when I was using the lite beam m5 the connection dropped some times...