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  1. If you already have GPUs at hand use them. Its your PC
  2. Well if the card is overheating ? what is there to do ? but clean it and re-paste
  3. Where is the problem ? Just find a setting between ULTRA and LOW that works. You don't have to run everything on super high settings.
  4. OP SAID: Hello. I am looking for a small and compact sound system for my PC. I have no digital outputs for sound, only headphone output. Can I use this soundbar? Can I use USB as the pictures show?
  5. * Cancel all overclocking, see if its better * Clean all the PC internals * Re-paste CPU and GPU
  6. Good finish the website, Host it locally, make it work as intended and we see from there
  7. USB is update only as it already states, Use ANALOG
  8. * Do you know HTML ? Try make you website 1st * Do you know how to host websites ? Try to find a HTTP server or Linux distro for that. * Do you have a proper Firewall ? If not learn about pfSense * Do you have fast enough internet ? * Do you know about DNS ? Take problems one by one. Start with making your website then hosting it locally on your PC and then move on. You have weeks to spend on those 2 tasks since you are starting from scratch.
  9. Faster memory will help but it will not do miracles. You FPS is already fine, Nothing to gain here, more FPS will not make you some how a better player if that is what you think.