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  1. Kodutu

    No Ethernet

    I switched back to my old motherboard to download the required windows updates. I’ll try switching from 1607 to 20H2 and see if I can then download the LAN drivers or not
  2. Kodutu

    No Ethernet

    I got it from the website u gave me and yes i have another computer. But i don’t have internet on the computer i need to update..
  3. Kodutu

    No Ethernet

    I did it but it requires internet to download..
  4. Kodutu

    No Ethernet

    where do i get the newer installer?
  5. Kodutu

    No Ethernet

    It returns OSArchitecture, 64-bit. I don’t really know what to do anymore as well. I really dont know. I don’t have internet, and I have the wrong version of windows somehow which means that I can’t install internet drivers.. Without internet I also can’t update my windows from 1607 to 2004 for an example... I really dont know what to do now
  6. Kodutu

    No Ethernet

    So after installing my new Asus Rog Strix B550F Gaming, I have no ethernet. I tried installing the drivers from their site, but for some reason it says: Does not support this operating system: WNT_10.0H_64 Any help?
  7. Kodutu

    Mobo swap

    Hello, so I’m swapping my CPU and mobo. But I have the OEM version of Windows 10 Home. Once the new mobo is installed do I just need a new key to boot the windows or do i need to download it from the flash drive?
  8. What about bottleneck? I had an Intel CPU, and I thought why not to go AMD this time.
  9. I compared the MSI and Asus mobos, the MSI has much less USB 3.0's, which I really need, also In my country It's only 20 euros less so not so much of a difference.
  10. So I'm thinking to switch from my I5 6500 to Ryzen 5 5600X as I already have an RTX 2070. I was thinking to get the Asus Rog Strix B550-F Gaming as my new mobo, so in the future I can buy m.2's If i wanted to. Are these two a good decision as I'm not very experienced in planning.
  11. Mostly for gaming yeah, but it's much more expensive than the 3700x, maybe the 3800x then?
  12. Hello. So, I'm looking forward to buy new parts for my PC. Currently I have: Motherboard: MSI B150M Gaming Pro RAM: 16GB 2400mhz crucial GPU: RTX 2070 8GB Gaming OC CPU: I7 6700K some hard drives as well. So I'm looking forward to upgrade my CPU, RAM and my motherboard. I wan't to get ASUS Prime B550-Plus Gaming Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32gb AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Are those parts okay or should I look for something else?
  13. The PRIME B550-PLUS seems good to me, I'll look into that. Thanks.