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    BlackManINC got a reaction from SpiderMan in Games Stutter 1-2 fps when capping framerate.   
    Well yeah that CPU is definitely a bottleneck. You pretty much already answered your own question in the OP. I can't imagine playing any game with a four thread CPU, especially the more CPU intensive ones. He needs to get a better CPU before going any further with the troubleshooting honestly, no less than a 12 thread CPU preferably. 
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    BlackManINC reacted to wONKEyeYEs in PSU Fried?   
    Well that's an unfortunate answer to your question.
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    BlackManINC got a reaction from Tan3l6 in My PC crashes and reboots itself randomly HELP!   
    Tried testing ram with the first app below? What apps are you running in the background? Anti-virus program? Also, try running a diagnostic scan with samsung magician below in case your SSD is bugging out. 
    Link: https://www.memtest86.com/
    Link: Samsung Magician
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    BlackManINC got a reaction from IzaYa01 in major stutters even on old games   
    🤔..A few issues I see with your setup. You only have 8 gbs of ram, your CPU is no doubt a severe bottleneck with only 2 cores and four threads, and you're running your games off of an HDD. The new current gen consoles finally moved onto SSD's for a reason. They are tons faster than any HDD ever will be. HDD's are obsolete for video game applications. There are other reasons why your games might be stuttering, but you basically need a total overhaul, a brand new computer. 
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    BlackManINC reacted to Windows7ge in My internet speed just jumped from 500 to 900 mbps   
    If you don't use any of those services and your computer got faster as a result that's great but I would really recommend against sharing doing this because some of those services could be very important to things other people do.
    If you don't know what a service does don't touch it.
  6. Informative
    BlackManINC reacted to Windows7ge in My internet speed just jumped from 500 to 900 mbps   
    This isn't how subscription Internet works. If your ISP has allotted you 500Mbps down that's the best you're going to see. Something else is going on here. Changing settings in Windows doesn't do this.
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    BlackManINC got a reaction from Mark Kaine in *Updated* AMD driver timeout error / power colour 5600xt red devil   
    🤔Well, it does appear that you are overclocking your CPU at 4.2 ghz. It might be crashing because your CPU's clock speed and voltages are unstable. 🤷‍♂️
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    BlackManINC reacted to willies leg in Random Internet Lag Spikes   
    Lag can be caused by a lot of things.
    Your computer? Your router? ISP? Remote server? Any device along the path? Heck, even a microwave oven can sometimes interfere with wifi signals.
    In order to troubleshoot it, I'd suggest you use a few tools:
    - ping
    - traceroute
    - speedtest (like what you've got)
    Do some baseline tests. If you know where your game is connecting, ping their server at the command prompt to find out your ping time. Netstat can help show you where it's connecting if you're not sure.
    Traceroute to the server. When it's slow, do the same thing, ping and traceroute. Compare against your baseline. If you've got another computer, do it from that machine too. That should help point to where the problem could be. Also, when it's slow, is it doing something stupid like Windows updates? Check your resource monitor in Windows, look at the amount of network traffic.
    Ping your router, and ping it when things are slow. Compare the stats.
    If you can wire your computer directly to your router, see if that helps. That would eliminate any interference.
    Look at your router, what's the CPU utilization? Time to reboot the router?
    Check if your neighbors are on the same wifi channel as you, some routers let you pick the channel, some force it to auto. Using wifi analyzer on your phone, you'll see what channels are being used around.
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    BlackManINC reacted to narrdarr in Kernel Power 41 - Tried Everything?   
    Have you thought about the sorce? Not the psu. But the power coming from the wall.  Are you using a power strip or have you tried a different outlet that routes from a different breaker?
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    BlackManINC got a reaction from gal-m in PC turns off when i start games   
    Toms Hardware is even worse with that spiel. You'd think they would have some sense considering it is one of the most used websites people go to for power supply reviews next to perhaps Jonnyguru. They tell people this nonsense, and then wonder why they come back complaining about power related issues. 🙃...When they recommend a certain wattage, it is for a reason. They wouldn't tell you if it wasn't important. 
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    BlackManINC reacted to gal-m in PC turns off when i start games   
    I'd recommend an 850W PSU. It's going to be within spec of what you're trying to do, stay relatively cool and most importantly, quiet @Huwster.
    Maybe something like a Corsair RM850x. Also, there usually isn't a big price difference when going from 750W to 850W and even if there was, I'd go for the 850W any day of the week with your config, but that's just me.
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    BlackManINC reacted to gal-m in PC turns off when i start games   
    I really, REALLY don't get that. A PSU is usually most efficient at like 30-70% load anyways (I'm being VERY general), so not sure why someone would ever want to run theirs at the absolute max, but people on this forum especially have a tendency of recommending very low wattage PSU's for some reason @BlackManINC and keep telling other people what they "don't need".
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    BlackManINC got a reaction from gal-m in PC turns off when i start games   
    A "little" low is a bit of an understatement. His particular GPU recommends a 750 watt power supply. I'm sure that special someone somewhere told him 650 watts is enough and that recommended wattage given by the manufacturer should be ignored. 🙃.....Its what I ALWAYS hear from some jerkoff nerd, and its quite annoying. 
    Link: https://www.msi.com/Graphics-Card/GeForce-RTX-3070-SUPRIM-X-8G/Specification
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    BlackManINC got a reaction from Slayerking92 in Can I still use my PC while backing up with a system image file?   
    I'm using the backup feature that came with the O.S.
  15. Informative
    BlackManINC reacted to AbydosOne in Can I still use my PC while backing up with a system image file?   
    I don't know if I'd play games necessarily (if only because the risk of crashing goes way up), but normal user-space tasks (video watching, web browsing, etc) are fine. The image is taken from a snapshot, so you don't have to worry about files changing messing with backup image.
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    BlackManINC reacted to PlayStation 2 in Hacker tried to contaminate water supply in Florida   
    You could've removed the "apparently" and you still would've been correct, lmao.
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    BlackManINC reacted to whm1974 in Hacker tried to contaminate water supply in Florida   
    How many people give a anything about Computer Security until they get hacked?
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    BlackManINC reacted to Sir Asvald in So is this a scam?   
    Lol. Their website is so bad. These are the "companies" they've worked with.. lmao. 🤣😂
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    BlackManINC reacted to Lurick in So is this a scam?   
    I would avoid a system restore point but a separate, non attached, system image should be fine.
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    BlackManINC reacted to danomicar in So is this a scam?   
    It's just a scam to get you to give them money/personal information. The virus is trying to appear as a real company in order to fool you. No legitimate company is going to solicit your business by holding your device hostage.
    You're certainly free to notify law enforcement but there's not really a whole lot they can do. 
    I would highly recommend wiping the drive just in case. You could be lulled into a false sense of security. 
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    BlackManINC reacted to danomicar in So is this a scam?   
    Correct. This is a definitely a scam. Do not call or interact with them. 
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    BlackManINC reacted to MrColour in Is my computer bottlenecking?   
    sounds good thanks for the advice!
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    BlackManINC reacted to Fer1678 in PC Failing Constantly   
    Okay, as I said, I disabled XMP and it seems to work, I've been using my PC for around 8 hours now and its going fine, sure, I haven't played any game whatsoever, besides Genshin Impact, but everything seems okay, I ran user benchmark and everything, besides the RAMs (Cuz they were not OC'd to 3200 MHz) was working fine. Windows device performance and health says everything is working fine ... So I think I'll just work with 2666 MHz RAM for now and see if that annoying issue shows up again.
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    BlackManINC reacted to Fer1678 in PC Failing Constantly   
    Thanks, I just applied those commands and rebooted my PC, I'll see if it works, thx bro! ^^ I'll just try some games and see if my FPS improved haha
  25. Funny
    BlackManINC reacted to Quackers101 in For those having stuttering issues in games   
    "high precision hitman on your PC".