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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte AMD X570 Auros Master
  • RAM
    G.Skill Ripjaws 32 GBs
  • GPU
    Red Devil RX 5700XT
  • Case
    Corsair 570X
  • Storage
    Samsung SSD 860 QVO 2TB - HDD Seagate B arracuda 1TB - External Seagate HDD 8TB
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    G.Skill RipJaws 1250 Watts
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    Corsair Gaming Keyboard K55
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    Razer Naga Trinity
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    Windows 10

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  1. You know, the recent issues I've been having with my PC is exactly why I could care less than two shit stains about someone's I.T credentials. It doesn't impress me, because computers don't impress me. They are steaming piles of shit. It will find a reason to give you shit where there is none and ruin your day, and more than half the time the solution is never straight forward. Can't play Hitman 3 without the shit crashing to the desktop with this fucking 0x80000003 error code. Yeah, I let them know about it, so calm your dicks. Almost ready to refund the shit and go about my daily life.
  2. @BruceTWayne I'm still wondering why no one has bothered asking for the crash dump file. There should have beeb been one created with this type of crash.
  3. Right, never thought of that rma and their right to reject it because you didn't do what they clearly told you to do. All the more reason to not be cheap with it.
  4. "if it doesn't work out, just replace it with a PSU with more wattage" sounds like terrible advice to me. Replacing components is no walk in the park, especially a power supply. Its a fuck ton of wires you gotta deal with, its aggravating and it takes time out of your day you could be spending on other things. I'd never take this advice seriously, but that's up to the O.P.
  5. Look pal, if the manufacturer recommends a wattage higher than the power supply you have or plan on getting, then its better to be safe and do what the manufacturer tells you to do and call it a day. They are recommending the wattage for a specific reason, and its not for basic activities like web surfing or Adobe Acrobat, or Microsoft Office. If you are planning on doing more than that, then just get a 550 Watt power supply, or even more than that to provide more cushion and to future proof it.
  6. Ok, so at this point, the culprit either has to be your CPU having a low thread count at only 8 and/or your ram having a high latency count as others suggested. I'd first try replacing the latter since ram is easy to replace and relatively cheap. I wouldn't pick ram with a cas latency any higher than 16 to be sure, if not 14 even, like mines is.
  7. Yeah, computers do that, run fine for a while then suddenly wants to be a drama queen. I'm assuming you also tried clearing the shader cache as well, so the only possible culprit I see is the ram. Your rams CAS latency is higher than usual at CL20 as others pointed out. I wouldn't get ram that goes any higher than CL16 to be safe. Not only that though, but your ram might also be getting overrun by standby memory. You only having 16gbs of ram just makes it more likely. You can check its usage rate in the resource monitor. If you see it filling up, it could be your problem. You can use the app
  8. Well these are the ones I disabled below, its literally the only thing that worked for me. But, one potential problem I see with your specs is your storage devices. You have your games on an HDD, and your O.S on the SSD I'm assuming. Not only is it always advised to have your O.S and programs on the same storage device, but HDD's themselves are pretty much obsolete for gaming today. The new consoles have finally moved on to SSD's for a reason, so you should just install both your O.S and games on the SSD to take full advantage of its read & write speed. Also, to be sure, you should chec
  9. So, you tried disabling everything you don't need in the "services" menu?
  10. Sony and Microsoft isn't responsible for testing any game. That's not how the certification process works at all. What it does is give the studios a list of benchmarks the game must meet for it to be considered acceptable on their console: Does the game boot up? If it boots up, does it even get past the start menu? Do the controls work as intended? Will it play without bricking the console? 4. If so, can we still play the game without it crashing to the desktop or causing random reboots, etc? These are some of the things they have to mark off on the certification process before it gets release
  11. That's really not much of a valid excuse coming from a studio that was supposed to be the gold standard of game design, who hyped this game to the heavens as the "genre defining game of the decade", a "true next gen RPG experience". They said all this, yet in light of these videos, it doesn't even hold a candle to GTA 5. I would say that it is totally unrealistic to expect a studio with a skeleton crew like CD Project Rekt with only ONE good game on their resume in their 20 year history (that in itself was vastly over rated in my opinion) to somehow exceed and outdo a studio like Rockstar
  12. I tell you, this game needs to be part of every game design class on how not to make a video game, an open world RPG in particular. And these comparison video's need to be part of the curriculum. All part of preparing future would be developers how to not fuck up.
  13. Yeah, I wanted to tell him that, that your programs should be on the same storage device as the operating system, preferably the SSD since HDD's don't even hold a candle to them when it comes to read/write speed, but then some wannabe nerd jerk off might come along and claim you don't need to.....even though any experienced I.T professional will tell you exactly what you are telling this threads author to do. ....If you bought the SSD because of its performance, you wasted your money if the programs and O.S aren't on it, because you aren't using it to its fullest potential.
  14. SIGH, well, whatever is causing the lag, its not on your end or theirs. It might not really be network related at all, at least when it comes to your connection. Considering that you're having other issues beyond the browser, like apps disappearing, it might be something else going on here. Have you tried running a virus scan at all?
  15. So you tried these commands here? The first one I used for my modem/router, second one is for the website.