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  1. A recent test I did using Defenders boot time scan was rather off putting. Defender only scanned a few files it deemed were essential, while Avast's boot time option scanned pretty much every file on the computer and found four browser hijackers. Microsoft needs to do a better job with the boot time option, a LOT better. Avast might be the only consumer anti virus program I'd pay for at all apart from malwarebytes just for its boot time scan alone. The dude in the video below tested Avasts free virus scan, and it did a great job detecting malware as well. But the one other thing I also found t
  2. FINALLY, someone gets it!!! Fucks sake man. This is why we need to be careful listening to random self proclaimed nerd jerkoffs on the internet. Anybody can start a website and pretend to be knowledgeable on a subject. V-sync has been dead in the water ever since Fast sync, enhanced sync, free sync, and g-sync has been available.
  3. That was the point I was making. Its only purpose is to cap the frame rate. Why do I need V-sync when I can just use THIS from AMD? I get the same function, without the stuttering that V-sync is known to cause. I can tell the GPU to cap the FPS to whatever I want it to.
  4. Could have been a combination of all of it. I do the same thing for all my games. I use a program called Process Lasso. I use it to save a high performance profile for each game, along with setting the CPU "priority" for each game to "above normal", among other things. I would still pay close attention to that standby memory. The stuttering can easily rear its ugly head again for other reasons beyond what you did. Purging the standby memory every 15 minutes is another thing I have set through Process Lasso. It will cause stuttering if it takes up enough RAM space in my experience.
  5. Also, doing a simple google search of V-sync will give you results of it causing stuttering for some people. That should be a red flag for you. With Fast Sync, Enhanced Sync, G-sync, Free-Sync, and frame rate limiters like Riva Turner and FRTC from AMD, I don't see why anyone would want to use V-Sync at all. ...Its old technology that needs to die already.
  6. Why keep Vsync on though? It doesn't make sense. The only reason V-sync existed to start with was to prevent screen tearing. This is not something to be concerned about with apps like Riva Turner and AMD's native Frame rate target control that allows you to cap the FPS to whatever you want it to be. To have V-sync and Gync on at once is akin to someone that is double minded in their thought process.
  7. Well, it doesn't make sense to me to have v-sync on since it works completely differently than g-sync anyway. V-sync forces the GPU to limit the amount of frames it pumps to the monitor so that it matches the monitors native refresh rate. G-sync and AMD's Free sync on the other hand dynamically changes the refresh rate of the monitor itself based on what the GPU is pushing out. Surely you can see this being a tug of war that might cause issues. You got two features that wants to go in opposite directions. It is literally the polar opposite of G-sync. G-sync and Free Sync makes V-sync obsolet
  8. @MadGoatHaz And, yeah, what he said too concerning the HDD. I would install both your O.S and games on the SSD to be sure. HDD's are out of style for gaming. That's why Microsoft and Sony finally abandoned them with the new consoles. They don't use HDD's anymore.
  9. Well, when you turn G-Sync on, I don't think you need to have V-Sync on as well. G-sync is basically Nvidia's version of AMD's Free sync. They always say to disable V-sync when using it, which makes sense knowing how it works. Type in "graphics settings" in the windows search bar. Do you have a "high performance" profile for the games exe file? I would browse for the exe file, select it, and set it to high performance. Make sure "variable refresh rate" is enabled as well.
  10. What is the CPU usage while gaming? Also, how long have you had the PC on right now?
  11. That would technically be a logic bomb then, not just a trojan. Trojans are typically activated upon the installation of a program. Someone smart must really have it out for you to go through the trouble to write a malicious program that complex. I doubt there is such malware waiting to be activated. You already scanned the hell out of it. Not much you can do beyond that except reset windows or do a system restore.
  12. If you removed the trojan, then what is there to worry about? Best you can do is either run a boot time scan with Defender which is supposed to be more thorough than even a normal full scan, or see if you can revert Windows to an earlier date with the system restore function if you're still concerned. There is also an option that lets you reset windows itself without losing any of your personal files. You'll just have to install all the actual programs or applications back on.
  13. Interesting...well, Malwarebytes sure as hell does an excellent job detecting adware and such. But, a "virus" is a specific type of malware as far as the I.T industry is concerned, in the way malware spreads. People always get these terms mixed up. Here is how my Network+ book defines malware for instance. If they are going to call it "malwarebytes", then a network administer or cyber security analyst would take that to mean it guards against all of its varieties. But I'll keep Defender on since that provides a layered defense model. I just did a full scan with it in fact. I'd also use Malwa
  14. Is it as good at detecting viruses as other consumer brand anti virus programs like Malwarebytes? I'm particularly curious about its boot time scan function since there aren't many consumer grade programs that offer that. I was told by this one dude who tested it in a virtual machine that it really isn't that good. When he created his own malware, it basically detected nothing, while Malwarebytes for instance, did a pretty good job detecting most of it.
  15. Question, what does "Microsoft update health service" say for you all in the 'services' tab? Is the startup type 'manual'? And what does the 'status' for you? Does it say "running"? I'm trying to get it to its default setting. Tired of 'SFC /Scannow' saying it found "corrupted files".