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    doertedev got a reaction from DriedSponge in Is jQuery Still Good?   
    JQuery is a lib with many features that you'd have to look at.
    Its way of requesting assets asynchronously is outdated since you can do everything native now. Back then youd always included JQ and used its lib method for requesting JSON files and so on, but nowadays with modern bundlers you just tell the bundler in your browserl.ist file which browsers you target and it creates your bundle with polyfills in the background automatically.
    Then there is the famous $(".class") method of finding certain elements. We now take a more encapsulated approach with both React and Webcomponents, where you put all the logic exactly where the code is build. 
    And there's so much more... Overall: I dont see a use case anymore.
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    doertedev reacted to bellabichon in Operation: Windows laptop for gf   
    If you're looking for laptop reviews, NoteBookCheck is my go-to source. They review almost every laptop worth knowing about, and I find that their percentage rating system is more accurate than x/10 lists. As for the graphics to power 5K, I honestly wouldn't worry. There are many 4K laptops out there with modern integrated graphics that work just fine. If she's just using Office, you probably won't even need a dedicated GPU. If you really want one, a lower-to-mid tier MX-series card from Nvidia should do you nicely. 
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    doertedev reacted to e22big in Vesa device listing per HDR standard?   
    ? I don't think I link any page 
    Actually though, you can visit rting list of best HDR monitor here

    and here

    to get an overview of what monitor could bring you a great HDR experience, just so you know though, for a true black experience the monitor would cost at least a grand (more like nearly two), generally you would be looking at something like ASUS ProArt PA32UCX, ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ, Acer Predator X27, Samsung Odyssy G9 or anything with a HDR1000 certification
    generally, it's a better option to just buy an OLED TV if you aren't dead on using it as your desktop monitor
    although if you don't need a perfect black all the time, a HDR600 monitor like Samsung Samsung Odyssy G7 or LG option could also be a good buy. Those monitor have some local dimming so you will actually get a better black in game and media but probably not enough to make a perfect black
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    doertedev reacted to Gaires in Vesa device listing per HDR standard?   
    This might help you a little. I don't know how accurate it is, but at least it's easy to use.
    But you really don't have that many options when it comes to HDR in a monitor.
    If you want a good HDR experience while not breaking the bank, I would suggest you look at televisions.
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    doertedev reacted to e22big in Vesa device listing per HDR standard?   
    I think you can find more information about each VESA standard on that link you post, just google it if you don't want to navigate their page. But generally, only HDR 600 and above can gurantee some form of enhanced black (have local dimming) but may or may not be true black, at least not all the time, depend on how many local dimming zones they've got.
    It's better to look at site like rting.com for the actual technical review of the product than depends on those certification if you're serious about HDR (generally, there may be like less than 10 model of them that can actually deliver a consistent true black HDR)
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    doertedev reacted to Flying Sausages in corona virus   
    If ya play Plague Inc game then ya know Greenland is the safest country when epidemic outbreak.
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    doertedev reacted to BiG StroOnZ in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
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    doertedev reacted to Tomsta in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Just found this on 9gag

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    doertedev reacted to soldier_ph in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
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    doertedev reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    For 10 Million Dollahs.

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    doertedev got a reaction from Dutch_Master in Recommended SSDs for Mass Storage   
    For anyone looking into what disks to buy for literally any field of server usage (and I would start the conversation asking 20+ questions) I really recommend the Backblaze blog - they publish the most extensive neutral posts on what they go with and why! 
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    doertedev reacted to mr moose in Almost all lenovo thinkpads have USB C problems   
    It's hard to break something that is already broken.    Indestructible Reputation remains. ?
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    doertedev reacted to panzersharkcat in Almost all lenovo thinkpads have USB C problems   
    Lenovo's statement says it's a problem with Intel's Thunderbolt firmware, not a problem with chip design.
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    doertedev reacted to WereCatf in Almost all lenovo thinkpads have USB C problems   
    As long as Lenovo actually publishes low-level details on what is wrong, you can most likely expect patches within days. There are a fuckton of Lenovo-laptops around in the Linux-community and plenty of enthusiastic and highly-skilled coders who will be more than happy to crank out a patch or two to make their laptops better.
    That said, if Lenovo doesn't publish such details, the patches will have to be reverse-engineered and it might take a couple of weeks.
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    doertedev reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in Almost all lenovo thinkpads have USB C problems   
    lol, that's a big oof especially considering the Thinkpad is worshipped by many for being indestructible... 
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    doertedev reacted to panzersharkcat in Almost all lenovo thinkpads have USB C problems   
    Can't have Thunderbolt problems if you don't have Thunderbolt to begin with. Insert roll safe meme. Outside of something like a T430 as a project laptop (get me that classic keyboard), I'm likely going to go with Ryzen ThinkPads for any future purchases.
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    doertedev reacted to AkatsukiKun in Almost all lenovo thinkpads have USB C problems   
    Well first gen Ryzen thinkpads looks to be safe. Thinkpad E485 with a R5 2500U owner here. 
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    doertedev reacted to Benji in German Talk   
    À propos glorreiche AlmanIT. Ich habe ja am Montag mein Lenovo beim Händler abgegeben und es ist bis heute nicht raus gegangen. Weil bei Lenovo Datenbankprobleme sind und sie wohl nicht auf dem konventionellen Wege Tickets erstellen können. Kann doch alles nicht angehen.
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    doertedev reacted to NeuesTestament in German Talk   
    Perfekte Grundlage für ein produktives Gespräch auf dem Amt.
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    doertedev got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Linus on Live Stream (I've been thinking of retiring)   
    He addresses the point very well, just like tech fiddlery is running through him when he doesn't do it - imagine "retiring" and still wanting to all the time. Unfair to the rest of the family. I hope he chooses wisely.