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  1. Hey there. I'm using a Logitech 4k cam ontop of my monitor, a greenscreen behind me, and the Logitech Camera settings app is just bad. Not only do I need to re-adjust my preferred settings every day (it keeps on "forgetting" them), I'm not a fan of zoom's background replacement either. I tried chromacam which was exceptionally bad - tried to get my cash back but they don't even reply to emails. OBS is nice and all but can get neither zoom nor hangouts to grab the video from OBS on macos. Really a picture replacement would be fine, I don't need a video replacing my green background. Are th
  2. JQuery is a lib with many features that you'd have to look at. Its way of requesting assets asynchronously is outdated since you can do everything native now. Back then youd always included JQ and used its lib method for requesting JSON files and so on, but nowadays with modern bundlers you just tell the bundler in your browserl.ist file which browsers you target and it creates your bundle with polyfills in the background automatically. Then there is the famous $(".class") method of finding certain elements. We now take a more encapsulated approach with both React and W
  3. Maybe if you could explain why exactly it is that you're doing what you're doing we can jump in with better approaches. Also give Streams a try.
  4. https://alternativeto.net/software/owncloud/?platform=self-hosted
  5. Yeah I also thought about this but I'm pretty sure the keyboard changes will drive her mad and this wouldn't last a week even Also knowing the overall quality of microsofts' software I doubt that I can import older version outlook exports from windows machines to current outlook on mac.
  6. Thanks. I found the Lenovo P15v to be attractive, would the NVIDIA Quadro P520 with 2 GB of GDDR5 suffice?
  7. Ohai. I decided that the person sitting on the other side of my home office has too many too small monitors. Thrown an eye and will most probably decide for a 49" curved 5k monitor (LG 49WL95C, Dell UltraSharp U4919DW, Philips 499P9H), but as a macfag I'm totally clueless: I'm looking for a laptop for a windows user that only uses M$ office, should get power and video signal delivered via USB-C like I do (mbp/xdr pro). The problem will most likely be that she will have an overpowered RAM/CPU to go with a graphics card that can power 5k via USB-C but I'm fine with that. If I didn't
  8. doertedev

    C help

    strstr gives you a pointer that can be checked for null. Or maybe I misread the question?
  9. Director of QA. Polyglot in python, ruby, go, web (html, css, js), java, c, a bit of php and lots of operations experience in the SaaS / Cloud field. Using LTT to stay up to date with whats up with hardware and like the format. Casual Switch gaming because I have developed a serious SMM2 troll level addiction.
  10. @e22big I did a typo and rting redirected me to nomansland. Thanks so much people!
  11. Thanks - but before looking into reviews I'd first need to get a hold on models that I can watch reviews for. Currently Linus' Video on the ASUS ProArt PA32UCX peaked my interest. But I'd first have to visit endless websites to know what to compare it against. Also gave the XDR pro a peak but turns out (according to a youtuber) only 2019 16" mbps can enjoy the full 6k reso, my laptop is a year too young. BTW: The page you linked is down.
  12. Anyone know a list of devices per standard? Especially looking for True Black 400 and 500 displays. Vesa lists products on their page - unfortunately only Laptops, not external displays. I'm tired of looking at my 3x LG 29UM57-P connected to a 2018 15" MBP (Radeon Pro 555X 4 GB) all day long. I wanted to have a device overview sadly can't find any. (I dont play games - I do programming, QA and some editing.)
  13. Hi. Im a console noob. I ordered the stadia launch edition to sometimes give people something to play at a house party. So the TV in my living room has the chromecast that was included, a raspberry for surfing etc and an older firetv plugged in via hdmi. Is there a way someone can recommend to enable me to play super Mario maker 2 on this TV without having to buy a Nintendo switch? Having looked around I really cannot find any games on stadia that I could want to play with this controller or any other games that interest me on the switch that would legitimize buying the console.
  14. Can we please address the point that most products in this space and especially the smart device companies are short lived and that most products are expensive paperweights when either the company has a server outage or even goes out of business? Let aside the stuff going on at Sonos'?