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  1. First of all, sorry if I'm not in the right place, as this is an oddly specific question. I don't expect anybody to have an answer for me, as it's a very specific use case. I've got a B550-e motherboard from asus. I know it works with the ThunderboltEX 3-TR card. I've got multiple thunderbolt 2 devices, and I know adapters exist, as I have 2 of them for my mac. I'm just wondering if I can daisy chain thunderbolt 2 devices into a thunderbolt 3 port with the correct adapter, or if it won't work because of thunderbolt sucking on PC? Also heard that the apple adapter might not wor
  2. Hey guys! Tomorrow I'm gonna help a friend update his bios for Zen3 with my 3600, and it got me wondering: When installing a cooler for a short period of time, with the computer on it's side, can I just press on it to spread the thermal paste and then not screw it in place? Since it's only for a couple minutes, I don't think mounting pressure is a big deal, especially since it won't be under big load. What do you think?
  3. Thanks for the answer! The system is running on CentOS, I finally managed to access it with megacli command line, still doesn't explain why it won't show on boot, but hey, it works!
  4. Sorry for the long delay, took more time than I thought to be able to test it. Changed the Option ROM setting and it did not work. I activated CSM and changed PCIE boot to legacy, and I can see the card booting. I'm supposed to press CTRL+H to enter the configuration utility of the card, I see the message telling me to do it, but doing so will bring me to a "Insert proper boot device" screen and nothing else. Any idea? I have a degraded drive in the array and I need to swap the drive and launch the rebuild, but I cannot access that damn card... If I don't activate CSM,
  5. Hi! At work we've got an asus motherboard, X99-E WS/USB 3.1. We've added an LSI raid card from another PC. Usually at boot, after the bios splash screen, I should see the LSI screen, where the card boots, detects the drives, and the virtual drive of the raid. On this screen, I'm able to press Ctrl+H to enter the bios of the card and configure the raid. But I cannot see the screen on the X99 motherboard. The raid is working in the OS (CentOS), but no way to configure it. Instead, the bios splash screen stays on for a very long time, like 30 seconds, and then proceeds
  6. Hi there! At work we are using Resolve studio on a PC to ingest a tv show and we have a huge problem. When trying to export proxies and dailies, exports will almost always drop to 0 fr/sec sometime and then freeze, and we have to crash Resolve. Never on the same clip. Sources clips are 422 HQ from a Mavo camera, and we are trying to export to H264 and DNX36. Sources medias are on a Gspeed raid, and we are trying to export to a sata drive. Also tried exporting to the Gspeed, and to a ssd, same problem. I tried to limit the render speed, and even at 10, it will freeze.
  7. Hi! I'm trying to find if Gigabyte's titan ridge thunderbolt card would work with any trx40 motherboard? It comes with the trx40 designare from gigabyte and I would really like to know if it would work with other mobos, or if it's locked to gigabyte's for some reason! Thank you :)