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  1. this is my current monitor but im looking at upgrading acer S201HL bd EVGA GeForce GT 710
  2. Ill stop soon, but a few words, Merge video outputs Ive seen Linus do it on this episode so.. HOW DO I DO IT.
  3. i think i found how to do it but if not i will come back here, thanks for help though
  4. i mean like not in game like the pc itself video run at 4k
  5. no it says i cant run it its not listed under driver or anything when someone else with a identical monitor cant
  6. I have a monitor running at 1600 by 900 max but im currently running at 1440p so i have a question, Can I Run It In 4K?
  7. theres the other flaw, he swaped to amd edit: swapped* I CANT SPELL ON THIS TINY PHONE KEYBOARD
  8. one other thing, if someone says swap it with the one in your computer, its not that easy. my pc is AM4 and the cpu is lga1150 im looking to use this cpu instead, so im doing a full pc upgrade.
  9. i got a new cpu from a friend that had from his old pc, but i dont know if it ACTUALLY WORKS, how do i check? Thanks.
  10. yeah motherboard doesnt matter, cpu and gpu does. Edit: you would have to say cpu and gpu, like my cpu, gpu, and motherboard is: CPU: AMD Athlon 220GE GPU: AMD Radeon 580 Motherboard: ASUS Prime A320M-K
  11. not being rude here, but i said my friend's old pc is a 775. MINE, is a AM4 socket. like i said, specs are as followed https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Chh9n7 and i would like to get a new cpu, get a gpu that is over 4gb of vram. if needed, a new psu too. and im going to stay at my current 8gb of ram, so that will no longer be upgraded. Updated budget: Max $350. Preferably NOT to reach 400. this is my new pc upgrade https://pcpartpicker.com/list/y7DFDx again, im open to suggestions
  12. now i just need to know something, im going to upgrade my pc. this is my specs. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Chh9n7 my budget is $350, 400 MAX. i would like to change cpu, cpu cooler, memory to 16GB, get a, at least, 4GB Graphics card, and, if needed, again, psu. my plan is this, https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LnfmMc i just need to know if this will work, and if you have any suggestions.
  13. thanks everyone for the advice! this issue has been resolved