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  1. one step closer to getting a official google watch
  2. Why don't these companies come up with cards for each though? Special mining cards and Graphics cards for gaming, im sure there is something they could do to the bios or firmware that would make graphics cards less effective in mining without hindering the performance for gaming, so that way people can have the best of both worlds, miners get there cards and gamers get there's.
  3. Been doing some research and cannot find anything I like, the house is 1500 square feet but would want something a little overkill, there will only be about 8 to 10 devices on it but hoping to spend to between 100 to 150 dollars. Any help would be greatful. Thank you!
  4. Well this current issue has be really confused, so the computer is about 15 years old but when I press the power button or the reset button nothing happens, so I plugged the connections to see maybe if they were loose since we just moved but they were fine, here is the confusing part when I unplug the wires for the start and reset buttons the computer actually turns on just by itself but as soon as i plug them back in nothing happens and it wont boot. so could the buttons just be faulty causing a short to were it wont turn on? since if i have them unplugged the computer just starts up by itsel
  5. Microcenters website is also down, wonder if it is connect hmmm /s
  6. Police Montréal @SPVM No threat has been identified for now. We are currently evacuating the building. #SPVM
  7. Summary A group of suspects would hold dozens of people hostage, Friday afternoon, in Montreal, in a building that houses the premises of the Ubisoft company, on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Quote: The operation would have started around 1:30 p.m., according to a witness on the spot. Dozens of police, including the tactical intervention group, are on site. The SPVM has not confirmed or given more details on the large-scale operation that is underway. Employees would be embarrassed in a conference room, according to our sources. Others are said to have fled th
  8. cinebench just updated its software to include the new m1 so wonder how long till we see that start popping up.
  9. https://www.eteknix.com/terramaster-launches-d2-clone-harddrive-duplicator/ Wonder how useful this is? If it could pull backups from a NAS it would be incredible instead of using the Windows Imager, but I guess if you want to start swapping old hard drives out for SSD it would be great for businesses.
  10. currently I have 2 computers running mine and my fiancés computer, my computer is running a 1600x ( 3 years old ) and my fiancés computer is running a fx-6300 ( 8 years old ) but we both are upgrading to new computers this spring after all the craziness dies down.
  11. I am just excited to see what arm processing can do and how it stacks up in a few years against Intel or AMD, maybe arm is the future or maybe its not, but right now is actually a great time to be excited about technology and how its going to shape the future.
  12. A video about the daily server maintenance and what you guys have to do to keep up with everything and how or if you guys do backups on everyone's computer, pretty much how you guys handle routine maintenance and how to keep up with everything.
  13. The makers of the film 'Angel Has Fallen' have filed a lawsuit against seventeen alleged pirates. According to the complaint, several defendants used the VPN service 'Private Internet Access,' which can expect to be subpoenaed. That effort will likely be fruitless as the VPN doesn't keep any logs. However, with help from information shared by torrent site YTS, users are still at risk. TorrentFreak contacted PIA for a comment on the lawsuit. The company said that it hasn’t received a subpoena yet and reiterated that it can’t identify individual users. “Private Internet Access has n
  14. NVIDIA jebaited AMD. - Big Navi perf target was GA104. - NVIDIA upgraded 3080 to GA102 - AMD now targets 3070 - NVIDIA announced Ampere at lower than expected price - AMD announced Oct 28 event - NVIDIA postponed the launch to Oct 29 Just what we gathered this week from AIBs
  15. I was hoping this was a remake of the original hot pursuit from 1998 and not the crappy version that was released 10 years ago...