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  1. Hey guys, I just ordered the Silverstone arm11sc to mount my Dell 2417DG 23.8" monitor. I just want to confirm that I won't run into any issues mounting this before following through with the order. I know my monitor supports 100 x 100 VESA mounts, and the arm11sc seems to have holes for 75 x 75 along with 100 x 100... I just want to make sure that this mount would be ok. I just realized that the arm11sc seems to be a little old and I want to make sure that my more modern monitor won't have any compatibility issues. Anyone have any other suggestions regarding VESA mounts for my mon
  2. So I unplugged the coax cable from the g1100 and I lost internet connection....
  3. What's the easiest way to tell whether my g1100 is connected to the ONT either by ethernet or coax? Because im sitting next to the g1100 right now and there's indeed a coax cable plugged into that port on the router.... as for ethernet cables, I have 3 plugged into the router.... one for my computer, one for my xbox, and the third is for a tv downstairs. I'm sorry now I'm just ultra confused
  4. So I think I was reading that I need to connect the nighthawk with the g1100 because the g1100 is connected to the OTN via coax. If so, should I follow the steps found on this website? https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31057540-Networking-HOW-TO-Bridge-G1100-So-your-Router-becomes-Primary
  5. So I'm reading a lot of stuff online and its making me really confused. I thought setting up this AC2300 was going to be as simple as plugging in the ethernet cable to my modem and logging into the router settings and voila all done.... apparently that's not the case. So I have a Verizon Quantum Gateway G1100. Do I just need to plug the ethernet cable into the port labeled "internet" on the nighthawk, and the other end of the ethernet cable into the "WAN" port on the g1100? Then proceed with using the setup genie for the nighthawk? I'm also confused because I'm reading
  6. Also take a look at this thread. They explain what that that 4 pin male connector is for.
  7. Hey guys! I know it's a bit late, but I actually had the same issue when I first built my PC a year ago! You guys need to connect the cable that runs along the front panel to your PSU via a SATA Male Connector to PSU in order to get the front panel RGB strip to work The power button LED is indeed linked to the front panel connector found on your motherboard as you mentioned so make sure that those are all placed appropriately. You can look up tutorials online. My motherboard came with a g-connector which made things a bit easier. And Listere, I'm pretty sure
  8. Hey man! I appreciate the help. I forgot I posted this thread obviously as this wasposted a year ago when I built my PC. So long story short, I went about 2 months just believing that I had a DoA tower. Then one weekend morning, I mustered up enough energy to open up my tower and take out the power supply (as noted in that first thread you shared, the OPer states that the tower is pretty small making it a pain to get into the power supply unit and dealing with all the cable management stuff, hence why i didnt bother for a few months) I did some investigation and I tried plugging that cable att
  9. I'm getting the AC2300 Nighthawk tomorrow and I'm kind of confused where I'll be plugging the ethernet cable that comes with it. So I understand I'm plugging the yellow cable that comes with it into the port that's clearly labeled "internet" on the nighthawk, but where do I plug the other end to? Do I plug it into the LAN or WAN port on my Verizon Modem/Router? I have the FIOS-G1100. After getting everything set up, I should proceed to transfer my wired cables from the LAN ports in the G1100 and plug them into the LAN ports of the Nighthawk correct? Does it matter? just Genuinely c
  10. Mhhhhm. That definitely was my gut feeling based on the abundance of reviews I’ve watched on the pc37x/pc38x. I think the virtuosos are really elegant looking headsets and I guess it’s a plus being able to switch from wireless to wired, but I feel like there’s inevitably going to be some type of tradeoff with them particularly in the performance department which is my highest priority. Thank you so much for helping me feel even more confidant than I already was with the pc37x!
  11. awesome, thank you so much for the input! I’m going with my gut feeling as I placed my order in for the pc37x last night. I’ve just watched too many reviews over the past two months of people claiming that the pc37x and pc38x are the best gaming headsets you could possibly get with limited complaints. Although it seems that wireless headsets have made significant strives over the past decade, i still dont trust them entirely and i feel like theres inevitably going to be some tradeoff. As for the gift card, I ended up using it on the Creative pebble plus 2.1 speaker and subwoofer c
  12. do you think the creative pebble plus solution would be significantly better than using the built in audio on my second monitor? as mentioned, i’m using an Acer H213H which is like a 10 year old monitor. I know people say built in speakers on monitors typically aren’t that good, but i mean I don’t think these are teeeeerrible. Although, I would like an audio solution that went just a bit louder than these built in speakers and with a little more clarity
  13. Awesome. Thank you guys so much for the input, that was actually extremely helpful. As for the Logitech Z313s, they do look compelling as they are coming from a big name company, my only thing is it seems that they wont ship for a week or two off of amazon and i’m slightly impatient if i’m being honest haha. Thus, the creative pebble plus did grab my attention as they could be shipped to me in two days. my only concern is the quality as i’m unsure of how reputable of a source they are coming from since i’ve never heard of the company. Nonetheless, you both have been ext
  14. So I got a $50 gift card for Amazon for Christmas and I think I want to use it to finally get some speakers for my computer as I’ve been switching to the built in speakers on my second monitor when I’m just watching videos or twitch or something. (My second monitor is a Acer H213H, I know old af but gets the job done). Can anyone recommend me a solid speaker solution that will definitely be an upgrade from using my second monitor’s built in speakers? Will it definitely be worth the $50? I know I want to use the gift card on something to upgrade my pc set up, I just don’t know what.