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  1. Update, My throttling is pretty much gone now so I no longer have to use ryzen controller. I did not update to bios 300. Didn't even do anything so not quite sure what fixed it. Performance is very good (although it was good anyway even with ryzen controller).
  2. No but i get on avg 120 FPS on rainbow six, around 150ish FPS on Fifa (high settings), 90-110ish on F1 (High), around 60-70 on GTA V (Don't remember what settings) Note I did remove the back covers but I don't think that made too big of a difference.
  3. Honestly the only thing I do is set the temp of ryzen controller to 70 and re-apply every 20 seconds. Fixes the throttling for me and I get very impressive performance.
  4. Is it me or have ASUS removed the drivers page for the GA502? They seem to have replaced it with the G15 https://www.asus.com/uk/Laptops/ROG-Zephyrus-G15/HelpDesk/
  5. Well I tried undervolting, put most of the nodes at around 1740mhz but it still throttled. Guess I'll stick with Ryzen controller.
  6. Also if i want higher performance over temps, I should increase the clock speeds right?
  7. that's good, if anyone finds a perfect graph please send it here. I'll have a play around with it also.
  8. how often do you have to clean the fans? And is a blower fine to use?
  9. So I removed the covers on the vents, made a slight improvement to performance and throttling but still isn't a complete fix. Still have to use ryzen controller.
  10. thanks for the reply, what tools did you exactly use to remove the screws top open the back. Can a normal screw driver be used to open them up?
  11. I'm very new to laptop gaming, how do you exactly remove the metal paper or other vent covers as some people have suggested? I'm worried I might end up breaking something.
  12. I also play GTA V and for some reason I don't really experience any throttling on it. The game I experienced throttling on was Rainbow six(heavily) and Fifa(Not as bad as r6 but still annoying).
  13. I asked some guy on reddit with the same model who mainly plays esports games such as CSGO and Dota2, and he said he hasn't experienced any.