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  1. Banned because you don't have such powers to do so.
  2. May also help to get a Quad core CPU. And Changing Your DNS may also lower ping (worked for me atleast).
  3. Just bought another one of those cards just in case mine is faulty. I'll give updates after I put it in tomorrow.
  4. Yea I don't know where I would find that (it's an all-in-one PC) Wi-fi Works fine though.
  5. I have a Intel 9260 Wi-Fi/BT Card (Upgraded from the 3165). I've tried Reseating the card and Reinstalling the device drivers, but Bluetooth still doesn't work. Bluetooth doesn't even show up in device manger. But there a device called ''Unknown USB Device'' and it has a code 43. I'm 68% sure this is why Bluetooth isn't working. Especially since it has the same driver version as Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator. (I'm using a USB Bluetooth adapter in the 3rd and 4th screenshot).
  6. Banned for informing me that I banned myself.
  7. Banned for using perfectly good wording.
  8. Banned for saying ''discouraging'' in your last two bans.
  9. Banned for ending your sentence with a period
  10. Banned for saying my reason wasn't smart.
  11. Banned Because teachers are fun.
  12. Banned because you should already know how to.