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  1. I was swapping cards in my mining rig this morning and accidentally had one PSU powering the riser and the other powering the GPU. Apparently this can create problems. The card I did it on is not posting now. The fans power on but it won’t post. I have gone through the list and have tried it in multiple rigs, with a litany of different hardware. I am 99 percent sure it is the GPU. Have gone through 3 hours trying every normal troubleshooting method. It is also possible I might have damaged some of the pins but I don’t see any visible damage. what should I be looking for if I tried to rep
  2. Neither am I. Looks like I have some research to do. Thank you though
  3. Yes but you only want one powering each GPU. Apparently when both are plugged into it, it can create problems. I was swapping cards this morning and didn’t realize
  4. Well. Think I figured it out. I have two power supplies for my mining rig and my sleep deprived ass accidentally had one powering the riser, while the other PSU was powering the card. Not sure what that would do exactly but can’t be good and likely explains the not posting and fans still spinning. Fuck
  5. The riser is. I also tried it within each of the slots within each mobo. Afraid I shorted it or damaged something I don’t have the capability to fix
  6. Z97sli Krait edition and an old i5. The other system I tried it in has a 3900x and a asus tuf gaming.
  7. This is likely what I mean. Wasn’t sure what that was called. I don’t see any visible damage but I am running out of options for what the damage could be. The card hasn’t sat right in some PCIE slots for awhile but has always worked in my riser and bottom slot. That stopped today though. Will post a picture in a second
  8. I was being careless while pulling my 5700xt out of a riser and am pretty confident I damaged the pins. Fans spin but card doesn’t post. I went through all the steps and have 3 other systems to test. The card is the problem in every one. Any reliable third party repair services? I voided the warranty. If not, I guess I am stuck selling for parts unless there is a way to fix them. picture: https://imgur.com/gallery/pf8war1 i don’t see any visible damage but am almost 100 percent sure it is the card
  9. 2 years. I have been using it to mine the past 6 months in a dust heavy environment though. Probably should change it anyways tbh
  10. I am taking part my GPU to customize it. I have never taken apart a GPU. Do I have to change the thermal paste or will the old thermal paste work when I put it back together?
  11. My monitor is detecting a ‘ghost display’ or 4th display that I don’t have. The problem is that when I open settings, it opens on this monitor. Thus I have no way to delete the monitor because I can’t access settings. Anything I can do?
  12. I know what I am doing. You apparently do not. This is common within mining and actually more efficient.
  13. I am already doing this. People do not understand the question. Please reread. It was theoretical anyways
  14. My main rig has two 3080s. MY second rig will have 3 5700xts when I add the third. My main rig has a 750w that powers one 3080 and the rest of the system, while the second psu powers the second 3080. My second rig has one 750 power supply that powers the two 5700xts. IMO, I need a second to power the third 5700xt. All Corsair gold rated PSUs. I am likely adding a third 3080 to my first rig too. So the 1650 watts will be necessary eventually.