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christian franca

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About christian franca

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  • Birthday May 27, 1994

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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    HyperX Savage DDR3 Memory 2100mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 1070 "gaming g1" V1.0
  • Case
    a cooler master one
  • Storage
    atm 3x ssd kingston 240gb 1x samsung 850 pro 256gb
  • PSU
    ms-tech 750w atx modular
  • Display(s)
    lg 27 inch 1080 75hz
  • Cooling
    cooler master hyper tx3i
  • Keyboard
    cheap trust
  • Mouse
    glorious old trust
  • Sound
    corsair headset or second monitor (samsung 60 inch from 2015)
  • Operating System
    WINDOWS 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Laptop
    does it matter?

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  1. half of all the videosor more, but who cares, blakie already give me the answer.
  2. I'm sorry but until you change your measurement units my friends and I will dislike all your videos.
  3. also that prebuild is not so good for that price point, with less than 400€ on amazon you can buy a msi mortar motherboard, a ryzen 5 and 16gb of ddr4 ram
  4. but idk if your cpu will be a bottleneck with that gpu.....
  5. hem, try to sell the 1050 for 80€ or something else and buy a better gpu, maybe save another 50€ and go for a rx 5600xt
  6. so there's no way to place the core workload to 2 core and the gpu full power without having to modify bios settings or something else?
  7. i got banned from pokemon revolution online for sharing folding at home content, not a big deal getting banned but the bad thing is for what they ban me. so sad
  8. hello i have some question about folding at home.(sorry for the english i'm italian) the work is separated by cpu and gpu the efficency of the work is the same on the cpu and gpu or the cpu work better? cause i got 5 pc that i can make run but my energy contract give me only 2.5kw/h a cpu use like 100 watt max and a gpu twice as much or more (vega56) can it be more efficence making run 5 differnts cpu rather than 2 cpus and 2 gpus? again sorry for the english
  9. i did not touch anithing at the first plug of the network card, but after i touch everything
  10. everything started with a plug of a pci card that's 4x4cm i did not touch anything else. i'm so confused
  11. i will swap power supply and try. but i think that the motherboard is death...... how is possible