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  1. Hi Everyone, thanks for the looking at my post .. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a way to turn photos into a dvd movie with music ... I used to use Roxio Creator NXT 6 Pro .. but its so out of date it doesn't run on my machine anymore .. Was thinking about upgrading but its over $100 bucks and really didn't want to spend that .. So thought I would ask for help .. Thoughts ? Anyone .. Thanks ..
  2. Hi Everyone, Need some help .. I have been trying to find a usb screen that is around or less than $100 US .. but everything I find is hundreds of dollars .. All I am trying to do is run a usb cord to a screen that will run Aida64 .. it has to be usb as I am using all my hdmi and display ports for my current setup .. Any advice or thoughts would be a big help .. Thanks ..
  3. Thanks DramaLama, yea i was thinking of maybe using the cheaper second card for some things .. but if i did that does anyone know of a card that has an internal hdmi port ?
  4. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to know if anyone has heard or seen a 6000 series card that will let you do more than 3 screens ? my current work / gaming setup has 4 screens , and my vr headset which is hdmi ( old htc vive ) .. So wanting to upgrade my Rx580 to a newer card as its just starting to lag with modern games .. but cant seem to find anything with enough ports on the back , everything is either 3 ports or 4 .. and I need something with like 5 or 6 ports .. as I really dont want to spend the money on dual gpu's .. let me know .. Thanks ..
  5. Thanks CoolMaster , that is a neat idea .. didnt think of that .. I had planned on using Adia64 after getting it setup .. just need something to display it on ..
  6. Hi Everyone Looking for some help and advice .. Working on my new pc build and I see people putting those little displays in there case that uses Aida64 to display the computers Vitals .. I really like this idea and I am looking at getting the following screen .. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VNX4ZWY/?coliid=I2T204VDYDZP7N&colid=1QK74ECPDNW3C&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I know if I get a usb header to micro usb plug , i can power the screen off of the one of the unused usb MB headers .. Here is where i need help .. how would i hook it
  7. Nope @catrules That is the only file on the dvd ..
  8. No idea its been forever .. I just found these dvd's while cleaning out some old stuff .. So have no idea .. i thought it was Easy Cd Creator but i dont think they make backup software anymore ..
  9. Hi Everyone, Could use some help .. I found an old backup DVD from years ago .. but I have no idea how to access it , because the program burned it in a backup format .. So when I look at the DVD all I see is a txt file with the following information in it .. =========== Backup CD =========== This disc is a backup CD. Except for this file the contents of this disc must be accessed using your backup softw
  10. Thanks @W-L yea i reach out to VViViD asking them for help and they dont have any nebula or space prints and are not doing custom vinyl right now .. but i did find another place that has a good selection of stuff .. they have 3m and Avery , but they different finishes High Gloss , Matte, and Satin .. by default they want you to get the High Gloss and charge you extra for the others ..
  11. Great thanks @W-L yea i know have to take out the hard drives cages .. I have no use for them anymore as with my new system going to M.2 drives and a NAS .. So you think it would be ok to wrap that tray and have it be ok being on the inside of the computer case .. if so know any good places to get wraps like nebula or space themes ? Thanks again for all the help ..
  12. thanks @Mick Naughty for the advice .. I was just thinking of doing dual loops because video cards and cpu's seem to be running hotter now a days , so thought it was a good idea .. but everyone seems to say that my current x4 model should be replaced after 2 years .. which seems crazy , but as i am new to all this i dont know ..
  13. thanks @W-L for getting back to me .. btw that youtube video in post above is marked private so cant watch it .. yea i found a vendor that makes a flat MB tray with all the holes needed to mount water cooling reservoirs , along with some other parts .. see link below .. really wanted to wrap that to make it pop along with the outside of the case .. https://www.coldzero.eu/corsair-900d-fullsize-motherboard-tray-cover
  14. Great thanks @W-L I must have missed that when i was searching the forms .. will check it out .. I have a cosrair d900 tower case .. So shouldnt be to bad to wrap my only worry is there are going to be a couple of parts on the inside that i want to wrap as well .. and as its on the inside of the case , not sure about the heat ..
  15. Hmmm thanks @Daniel Z. I know you could paint the case , but i suck at painting so that way i though of a wrap .. I reach out to one company Rvinly.com and after getting a very rude customer service person to replay to my email they were like "it should work" and that was it .. such great customer service there ..