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  1. Bios flash worked ty for all the help
  2. Will do but what if I try to flash bios could that work without a monitor not sure if there’s a flash button
  3. Well that didn’t work and I have found another wierd thing while the usb is in a usb3 port the boot led goes off but while in a usb 2 it’s still on I don’t understand this issue
  4. Will do UPDATE: no bios still and I still get the boot led
  5. Also I can’t get anywhere no bios no windows only no signal and when I remove a flash drive my boot light turns on
  6. Well I have tried shorting jbat1 with a jumper and I have removed the batter for 30 mins and nothing has worked
  7. I tried this no luck I also tried pressing restart button no luck but the wierd thing is I can post with a usb drive in but I can’t without it but both times no monitor I only know this because of ezdebug
  8. I am using an acer ED320QR but I also have 2 other monitors plugged in a pixio 24 inch curved and a 32 inch normal monitor nothing comes up
  9. I will try but how did you fix yours I tried different things for 4 hours
  10. Also I don’t understand why the boot light is stuck on without the usb drive plugged but when it’s in no light yet still black screen