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  1. Proctortrack says in their required specs that your Webcam needs to be at least 800x600 https://www.proctortrack.com/tech-requirements/
  2. If your computer does not meet the specs outlined by proctortrack then my university has said you either drop the class, upgrade your hardware to the required specs or fail your examination. (specs detailed in pictures) You also must prepare your exam environment to meet proctortrack's standards. This includes Turing off all noise making devices and setting up in an area where other people will not talk to you or walk behind you. So people writing in noisy or crowded environments are out of luck. https://verificient.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/1
  3. Unfortunately from my understanding proctortrack has thought of a lot of these work arounds and will flag you or not even allow you to attempt the examination if your camera is not at least 600x800, the camera is unable to scan your face at any time during the exam, loud mic inputs, insufficient environment lighting, and any unauthorized software running. Also worth noting is what Proctortrack thinks might constitute cheating. Pulled directly from their website https://www.proctortrack.com/students/how-it-works-students/ Proctortrack does not decide whether a stud
  4. ---------------------------------------------- Summary Due to the ongoing situation created by the covid-19 pandemic, universities across Canada have chosen to hold classes, labs, and exams online. To combat potential cheating during exams universities across the country have chosen Proctortrack to monitor students during exams. Using this method to combat cheating has raised numerous privacy concerns due to the methods that the software uses. The methods that the software uses to surveilled students are webcam and audio recording, keystrokes, screen capture, all applications o
  5. Thanks for your insights. I decided to see what would happen if I re-pasted again and this is the result. It looks like the cpu is more effectively transferring heat to the cooler but it still gets to about the same temperature at peak. I should have mentioned in the original post but I am running a -140mv undervolt.
  6. Hi, So I have an MSI gp63 lepoard with an i7-8750h and at gtx1060. I repasted my cpu and gpu with Arctic Silver 5 a little while ago due to poor temperatures during gaming, 93c to 95c on the cpu and 82 on the gpu. While my temperatures have decreased a bit, when I hit my cpu with a load, the temperatures spike up significantly and extremely quickly. The picture below shows the spike when hitting the cpu with a prime95 small FFT load. Is a spike like this normal? or do I need to repaste again? Thanks for your help!