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  1. You mean like this? You will get smoother game play as most games stutter when loading assets off HDD I've noticed. Is that what you're meaning? Negating that load?
  2. Then anything 5700XT and up will do currently. That 1070 is no slouch tho, so I'd still advocate waiting.
  3. Honestly, in that build I'd see what the next gen looks like. What resolution? Monitor?
  4. Not sure the fps increase from HDD to SSD. Load times... oh yeah. FPS? Not really. @Im Weeb, think of it like bought a larger car with a bigger trunk. Not a faster car, just one that can carry more each trip. Since you're not loading the first car (6700) with enough stuff to make more than 1 trip, it's still more than enough. Not sure who sold you on the 3800X, but I'd say you were not fully informed what you were getting.
  5. Lol, or you can just install Plex Server on ANY PC, download movies onto it ,and then log in and watch on any device. Plex is literally idiot proof. I know, my friend is an idiot and he watches my content.
  6. And they're the 0.0001% that did. Like anything else, if you chase after that 1 success story. Or do you think every kid playing pee wee league football is going to make 100Mil a year in the pros?
  7. Yeah, standard nothing error. Just means it was shut down improperly, which you already know.
  8. Yeah But it's the only thing I can see getting me and those I know playing it again.
  9. If they allowed private servers and mods like Ark.... I would play the living shit out of it.
  10. So there isn't a motherboard you like out of the 485 choices you have left? Can you just run a 3.5mm jack from the motherboard to the input on the Denon? Like you would if you were running a phone to it, etc. Not the best sound but may be good enough.
  11. Redo your ridiculous title... as said above you're under warranty on all parts, so relax with the overdramatic. What GPU are you using? Does the PC crash using Windows or light loads? Wondering if your GPU is triggering PSU protections or like you said, a PSU issue. I'd test with a new GPU and/or PSU... or RMA them both for them to test.
  12. No, piracy discussion is not allowed. Remove those references, and your post should be fine. It's all in the source, and as you stated... some just don't record audio well.
  13. You need to learn to read better. Higher percentiles are good, means you're better than xx% of others. Your CPU, GPU and drives are very nice. Your RAM is low, as mentioned to use XMP. Edit: it LITERALLY says Excellent for your GPU. Did you miss that?
  14. 360mm AIO or go Air Cooler, agreed. I see that motherboard as a waste of money, I'd spend more on the case and less on the mobo.
  15. Better get the dremel and soldering gun then!!! Kidding. Then yeah, a little more RAM if the slots are free. Otherwise... time to pony up.