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  1. hmm I think the're not controllable but I can connect them to the PSU instead of the motherboard. Should I do that?
  2. I'm sure they are plugged in correctly because sometimes they light up and then the light goes off
  3. I have the cooler master masterwatt 500 which should be enough for the build that I want.
  4. Honestly I don't know. I connected the vga cable (cause it's an old GPU xd) and booted the pc and apparently it worked.
  5. BIG UPDATE: Somehow I managed to start windows (so my graphics card is working), but I have one problem. Normally my 4 case fans have lights (blue) but now the lights are off. When I boot 2 of the 4 are lighted but then shut down. If you need a video just ask. You know a solution?
  6. Thanks I really appreciate your help. I will look into it. My motherboard has integrated graphics right? So it should be possible to boot without a GPU?
  7. Hmm, it's for games like csgo, rainbow six siege, league of legends, such stuff. Not the super graphic games. Under the 200€. What do you think I should buy?
  8. I'm waiting to buy the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC because I want to game xd
  9. I removed the CMOS battery and waited 2min, then placed it back. I don't know how to update the bios via flashback. I removed the CPU, checked the pins and placed it back in. All the cables are correctly installed.
  10. It's the Asus IEN8400GS SILENT/HTP/256M. It's a very old one so this might be the problem.
  11. The GPU is working fine, cause it worked in my old desktop. All the cables are plugged in correctly I think. Can it be the bios?
  12. Yes I have a GPU, but it's a very old one and I need to buy a new one. It's a GPU without a power cable I think. Can this be the problem?
  13. So I cleared the CMOS, but unfortunately still the same. My motherboard works cause if I plug in my mouse in one of the USB slots then the rgb of my mouse lights up. I have also 4 case fans and 3 of them are turning and 2 of them are lighted (blue color) and the last one runs about 10 sec after I pressed the power button. I don't know whats going on. Checked my CPU but no broken pins so re-installed it (with thermal paste and cooler) Somebody knows whats going on?