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  • CPU
    i7 9700K
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro Wifi
  • RAM
    2 x Ballistix 8GB DDR4 @3000MHz
  • GPU
  • Case
    H500P Mesh White
  • Storage
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850i -850w Gold
  • Display(s)
    Samsung Professional monitor S27B970D
  • Cooling
    bequiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
  • Sound
    DAC: Audioengine D1 /Speakers : Focal Bird 2.1 / Headphones: Sennheiser HD 380Pro / B&W PX
  • Laptop
    Thinkpad X1yoga 1st gen
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  1. Congrats on the upgrade I will take a big aircooler over a liquid cooling solution every time , i think your build would aesthetically be much better with something like the dark pro 4
  2. I have seen people having problems with the RMx 750w and the Seasonic Prime 750w , its not a problem with the PSU but from what i understood its the exaggerated transients that the RTX 3080 produce
  3. is My Corsair RMi 850w able to run the RTX 3080 without having transients trigger OCP ? I have seen several people complaining about their 750w PSU's shuting down with th rtx 3080
  4. again would you explain why 60 A ? the same thing would happen ( but needs more time) when you introduce a sustained 30-35A to most pcie cable with 12v OCP set at 40A , same thing would happen when you overload the single 12V pin in peripheral ports in the back of the PSU over 8A , it's just a matter of time to generate enough energy to melt the wire or the pins j = I ² x R x T , all you need is more time . or do you suspect that 10ms transients alone above 60A would be sufficient in causing a pcie cable to melt ? because they won't when circuit breakers are maintained
  5. He doesn’t test for opp but he tests efficiency till 870w you can see it in the results and doesn’t report shutdowns
  6. The methodology for testing shut in power with increased load per step is different than measuring efficiency, I don’t fault the equipment , I suspect he measures incorrectly you can see also what I mean by load per step here , and also see how OW got 115% with the 750w variant with no shutdowns back in July 2017 before the new version was ever released , the fix was supposed to be released in Jan 2018 btw after both Aris and zardon reviews https://www.jonnyguru.com/blog/2017/07/10/seasonic-focus-plus-750-gold-750w-power-supply/3/
  7. @Juular In short , trust only credible reviewers not select , and there is no decent psu that isn’t reviewed by Aris btw, he has the biggest database of psu reviews , and I didn’t say disregard multirail , I said with how it’s currently implemented and the actual benefit it gives us , then it shouldn’t be a demand for top tier , That makes the tier rate a BitFenix formula higher than prime titanium because that is just ridiculous
  8. @GoldenLag no one tested opp for the prefix version of the Seasonic focus plus , do you have a review of that , all we knew about it is that it had shutdown problems with high end graphics cards strangely enough when Seasonic issued a statement a while back on its Chinese website it said these shutdowns where due to aggressive OCP , which is odd as normally single rails don’t have 12v ocp , and the new version doesn’t as well , even the prime doesn’t have 12v ocp except for the 1000w variant @Juular these are not my exact two points , Specially when it comes to multi
  9. Nope multiple reviews with the riotoro g2 have stated that it has opp much above that value , you can see the German one I linked and look for others , also both Aris and zardon reviews are within the same time you are just speculating that it was the one based on the Previous version of the fx
  10. @GoldenLag the short answer would be , it's not cheap nor is it easy to have a state of the art lab , with equipment that are calibrated properly and periodically, and have the competence to know how to perform measurements and the importance of a consistent methodology when doing reviews to have proper judgments the only one i see who fits this profile and is currently active now is Aris , he is an electrical engineer with a PHD and decades of industry experience , he is even the only one who properly tests protections. the examples for not trusting other reviewers are endless , i
  11. @GoldenLag. This my problem with how multirail 12v ocp is currently implemented and why it shouldn’t be that much of a priority to make a psu tier A+ As for the data sources ,I wouldn’t trust any reviewer except Aris as he is the only reviewer i have seen who is currently active and has the competence to know what he is talking about , proper calibrated lab equipment , consistent testing methodology and most importantly he tests protections.
  12. my biggest problem with the tier list isn't its algorithm of ranking , i have my differences though regarding giving priority to 12v ocp with its current method of implementation as stated previously the biggest flaw in my opinion has more to do with the quality of the data that you base your judgments upon ,I see judgments made based on data from reviews regardless of the competence and reputation of the reviewer and his lab equipment and does he even calibrate these equipment You can be the best Cardiologist in the world , and following the clinical practice guidelines of the
  13. As said above you need to rma to EVGA directly the reason you see lights on your motherboard when the pc is switched off is because the 5vsb is responsible for providing power to your pc when it’s off , it’s DC conversion separate from the rest of the 12v 5v and 3v rails that your PC needs when it’s powered on and therefore it’s not odd to see psu that fails to turn on although it has a working 5V sb