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  1. getting these scores in 3dmark test. Is it a good score?
  2. I’m a first time PC builder and would like to overclock my MSI Rtx 2070 super gaming x trio. Please help me with correct settings.
  3. ok but go with atleast 550 watts... there should be legroom for the components to stretch
  4. go with astleast 550w gold rated
  5. Can power settings in Asus AI suite interfere with the AMD Ryzen Master settings in Ryzen 7 3700x or with the windows power settings?
  6. 35-48 degree C during idle state. ryzen 7 3700x and I’m using PBO too.
  7. Temps. are normal. And sound only comes when the cpu is on idle state.
  8. check whether you've installed the stick in right slot or not..
  9. I'm using Corsair H100i RGB platinum AIO and since beginning I'm noticing that some weird clicking sound is coming from water pump. Is it normal or is there any problem?
  10. If I’ll put the funko pop on the GPU backplate, can GPU heat melt the funko pop? I’m using MSI GEFORCE RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio.
  11. I'm overclocking Ryzen 7 3700x using Ryzen Master app and I'm getting this max. frequency. Is it good?
  12. tell me about your system config. with the brand models..
  13. The problem has been resolved after connecting the monitor using display port.
  14. Hi, I have just noticed that my bios screen is looking little blurry and bios menu is appearing blurry too. When I had first started the pc after latest BIOS update, it went into network mode and this had caused the bios to run into loop so I had to enable the CSM and after this the pc is booting up successfully but ROG logo at the startup and bios screen is looking little blurry. What should I do now? I’m using Rog strix X570-f and Ryzen 7 3700x.
  15. I’ve heard about a software called steammover
  16. I prefer downloading the cracked games via torrent instead of purchasing them... can I still do this? Is there any software which can help me doing this easily?
  17. Is it possible to install games on laptop and transfer it to my desktop via external hard disk?
  18. I would like to have 0 db fan stop feature in my Zotac RTX 2070 super amp extreme card so, for this can I flash Asus ROG strix RTX 2070 super BIOS in it?
  19. thanks, do I need to adjust voltage in BIOS first or just enabling PBO will do the job?
  20. I have plugged the cable into board 3 pin ARGB header and lights are still working.. will it do any harm?