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  1. I have been experiencing random freeze in my pc since I have done this build for the above mentioned combo. The mouse pointer gets stop and I have to hard reboot the pc. and yesterday I was listening to a song and everything freezed, song stopped playing and again had to restart the pc. I haven't tried any troubleshooting till date. Please suggest me something that can fix this. Specs: ryzen 5 3400g kingston 250 GB nvme msi b450m pro vdh max g.skill ripjaws v 3200 Mhz seagate and toshiba hdd- 1 TB each
  2. getting score of 4904 on Ryzen 7 3700x after using CTR
  3. Do I have to keep the software running in background in order to keep my CPU overclocked? or I can close it after applying the settings?
  4. Hi, I have installed NVME Gen. 3 ssd on X570-f board but it is placed near chipset fan. Should I install it in the slot which is near the processor or let it be there?
  5. Hi, I would like to purchase rivet screw for the title mentioned case. So, I would like to know the size of rivet screws. I think the size is pretty much same in every chassis...
  6. Is it a good brand as compared to Asus and what about the stability of Asrock components?
  7. go with Gigabyte P450B in this price range.. you'll save more power.
  8. I would like to purchase MB for my new AMD build. Which board should I buy ASUS PRIME B450M-A or ASROCK B450M PRO 4? Rest of the specs. are- Ryzen 5 3400g (may upgrade later with Ryzen 5 3600x) G.skill Ripjaws v 8GB @ 3200 MHZ (will be installing one more stick of 8 GB) kingston a2000 250 GB M.2 NVME Gigabyte P450B PSU Gigabyte C200 case Seagate 2 TB HDD I will be using APU now but will purchase atleast 1660 super if I'll upgrade CPU.. I've heard that this ASROCK model has got the best VRM in its price range.
  9. I have uninstalled aisuite 3 and enabled the overclocking using Ryzen master. Now after closing some of the apps I'm getting a score of 4534. fine now?
  10. ok I'll try after overclocking using ryzen master..
  11. I'm getting score of around 4041 in cinebench r20 on ryzen 7 3700x after choosing performance mode in asus aisuite3. Is it a good score for this processor?
  12. Please overclock the processor using bios settings only and uninstall any overclocking software
  13. My pc has different brands RGB components and I would like to sync them together so for this, I have installed Jacknet Rgb software but whenever I’m trying to start it, it opens in the taskbar and then automatically close. After installing it I have restarted the pc, enabled sdk for corsair icue AIO, installed aura sync but it is not working..
  14. onboard graphics 3rd gen i3 processor stock cooler 450 watts psu hynix ram 1066 mhz 2x2 GB
  15. go with this- Ryzen 5 3600 decent B550 board or go with b450 tomahawk 7200 rpm 1 tb hdd atleast 3200 mhz ram stick in 8x2 dual channel config. 5700xt Gpu atleast 480 GB ssd 650 watts PSU atleast bronze rated Nzxt case Noctua nh-u12s cooler or 240 mm midrange AIO.
  16. If the board is perfect then i will get the bios startup screen and then no cpu message.. correct?
  17. Hi, I have a LGA 1155 socket board which I have started after 2-3 years. Now, I'm not getting display on the monitor (showing no signal) so in this case what could be the problem- processor or board? RAM is perfect.
  18. try contacting service center for this
  19. Yes, you have to ship it in ESD bag and for this you can use other component bag.