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  1. Hello?? If you can help i am free till 45 mins
  2. Yeah just please help me if possible even later on tonight if you are EU
  3. Do you have discord of so just contact me there i can screen share and you can explain please Aspect X#0293
  4. UHHHH now the temps are literally stuck above 90
  5. By the way when i disconnect the charger it immedietely lowers down the temp and actually doesn't lag
  6. Alright the max temp was pretty much 95 to 99 the max Ghz that i saw was 2.91 and at abut 2 mins 3 seconds it started power throttling and out of nowhere temps dropped to 75 and 1.75 Ghz i saw the package TDP drop
  7. So should i just try to run a stress test?
  8. Uhm..? @The Torrent Do you mind assisting me???
  9. Uhh what exactly is the core clock sorry i'm still learning xd @The Torrent
  10. That is just after booting up yes that is idle @The Torrent did a stress test the max temp was 99 max usage was 3.11 Ghz And yes i have 8 GB ram but idk why th other 4 is idle...? This is idle aftewr the stress test and had a bit of time to cool down
  11. How exactly do i reset everything is there a reset button or do i manually reset it? @The Torrent
  12. @The Torrent The temperature is ussually around 90 degrees celcius