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  1. Thanks you all for the replies, that is exactly what i was afraid of doing because my PC knowledge (while very limited) is gaming and when doing lots of research most of what I found was how to stream/game or stream to twitch and such from console and so forth. We do have a camera (nice panasonic but i don't remember exact model) and we were streaming before but had two problems. One was the internet connection which has been fixed, the other was a Lenovo all-in-one that just couldn't keep up with encoding and uploading which is what i'm replacing. Stream would be very choppy and buffer and au
  2. Im building a dedicated streaming PC for my church, plan on using OBS and live stream to facebook. Wanting to stream at 1080P but can do 720P as long as its clear. This is the build i have pieced and was wondering if anybody with similar stream experience could tell me if this is overkill, good to go or needs more (such as a capture card). I have never streamed before so am unfamiliar with that world. Component Selection Base Promo Shipping Tax Price Where
  3. From the motherboard, I have contacted the PC builder and after running several tests they are going to RMA the GPU, not certain that will fix it but it’s what they are going with first
  4. I just bought a new pre built computer and Im loving the PC, but im having an issue that I cant identify, When Im running a game the PC has no issues running at 1440P and will run 120 or so FPS but after a short amount of time (30 seconds to a minute) A loud continuous beep will start and will not end until i cap frame rates at around 60-70 FPS. When this happens nothing is overheating and everything is running good. My FPS doesnt even drop much but the beeping is very loud. I read on the Gigabyte BIOS page that the continuous beep is a error with the memory or RAM. I have of course restarted