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    ForeverAutumn reacted to Radium_Angel in Still Won’t Boot   
    Well, you can't. That's one of the issues. What you *could* do, is find the mobo maker support page, find the lowest BIOS version, assume that is the BIOS on your board, and find which CPU is supported by said BIOS version, then beg/borrow/buy/steal said CPU, put it in to the mobo, and see what happens.
    I would suspect a local computer shop would have a chip you could borrow for 5 minutes to test with. At the shop I worked, we did this all the time.
    But if you are certain the BIOS is up to date and should work with your CPU out of the box, then we need to look elsewhere as a cause of your issues.
  2. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to Radium_Angel in Still Won’t Boot   
    You certain the mobo supports the CPU, was the BIOS up to date before you put it on (assuming it's actually supported that is)
  3. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to JJCooper_ in Still Won’t Boot   
    X570 boards are compatible with 3rd gen Ryzen out of the box. That shouldn't be a Mobo issue
  4. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to Konrad_K in Won't Boot   
    That power supply was a terrible choice (sorry) - you don't even have the 8+4 pin EPS required by this board. 
    Return that and get a better PSU, see the tier list for reference, and get something at least B-grade: 
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    ForeverAutumn reacted to Konrad_K in Which Power Supply   
    Here's the tier list of PSU's - I would look into some from the (A-) or (A) range. Also yes, you will most probably need a modular PSU so that you can get another EPS connector as most PSU's come only with an 8-pin one. Also, staying in the $50 range really is not possible. You are probably looking at $80+
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    ForeverAutumn reacted to 5x5 in Which Power Supply   
    Step up to a TXm 650W
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    ForeverAutumn reacted to nox_ in Which Power Supply   
    Just getting a good unit will matter much more than it's efficiency rating.
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    ForeverAutumn reacted to Applefreak in Which Power Supply   
    Please, please, please do not cheap out on the power supply. It is the most critcal part of your entire system. A low spec or grade power supply not only can kill your system, it could cause a fire in your home. So please don't go for the cheapest option around. Also 450 Watts on a 3900X will not cut it, not even close. Find a decent PSU in the 600 to 750 Watt range with 80+ Gold from a known brand like Corsair, Cooler Master, EVGA, Enermax. Seasonic, Be-Quiet, Thermaltake or even NZXT.
  9. Agree
    ForeverAutumn got a reaction from Konrad_K in Won't Boot   
    Thanks for your advice. I will heed it and get a better power supply. Hopefully that's all that's wrong with my build. 
  10. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to GoldenLag in Motherboard/Storage Compatibility   
    You allready have the board? Or are you ordering it?
    Edit: like its among the worst x570 boards. Id suggest swapping it if you havent ordered it yet. 
  11. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to Trevor87 in Motherboard/Storage Compatibility   
    Yes it will to question.
  12. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to lee32uk in Motherboard/Storage Compatibility   
    You don't need to worry about compatibility with hard drives. As long as you have a spare sata port on your board then you are fine.
  13. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to Constantin in Should I put this GTX 1070 in my Build?   
    You will be just fine......
  14. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to aisle9 in Should I put this GTX 1070 in my Build?   
    Yeah, you're good.
  15. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to LIGISTX in Should I put this GTX 1070 in my Build?   
    There is clearly a lot of misunderstanding about what bottle necking is...
    You can put a GTX 650 in there and it won't slow anything down except games, or things that actually need the GPU. So a 1070 won't "make anything worse", and you will be getting the max FPS a 1070 will ever produce in any CPU. So is there "room left on the table", yes, you could get more FPS with a better GPU. But is that a bad thing... no.
  16. Informative
    ForeverAutumn reacted to the heck with this in Should I put this GTX 1070 in my Build?   
    bottleneck in this system????hm yeah under precise circumstances yeah but for your kinda of use.....not really you see you plan to do photoshop so you need the ram and the cpu gpu will help but when things go on a larger scale than some photo cropping modelling and sculpting yiaks but hey you got hte horsepower ofr it (cpu)in other word you should be fine and from productivity and if you wish to play a game your only concern should be the rams like 2400 mh with xmp and if they cn be oc in a nice 3200 stable that would be my concern
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    ForeverAutumn got a reaction from LIGISTX in Should I put this GTX 1070 in my Build?   
    I figured I was probably misinformed about something somewhere in the "bottlenecking-world", but I appreciate your advice. You actually cleared the subject up a bit for me. Thanks for your advice.