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  1. sorry i meant that it is better supported to be dual channel
  2. The Graphics card that i have is from msi armor edition and yeah its connected to the PSU the fans are spinning i tried to reset the CMOS but still the same issue.
  3. i have a patriot 16 GB DDR4 3000Mhz ram dual channel isn't supposed to be supported
  4. yeah the motherboard LEDs are working and i tried one stick of ram in different slots and tried the other stick as well, tried to connect using the graphics card with different ports but no display
  5. i recently built a pc with a b450m-a asus motherboard and a ryzen 5 2600 cpu along with 16 gb 3000MHz of ram and a rx 580 8gb GPU. now i am having an issue with this pc, whenever i turn it on, the fans are spinning and everything seems to work but no display on the monitor. i tried swithcing cables and ports i rebuilt the pc, made sure of everything connected correctly, tried onboard graphics and external graphics but still no display. i am afraid that it is a bios issue since it may need an update but unfortunately i don,t have an older gen cpu to test this.. has anyone ev