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  1. Unfortunately, I don't think the 5500xt will handle it well. In some games it won't even run I think. You need a really good graphics card to get consistend 4k60 in a lot of titles. Also, if you don't buy yourself a really big monitor 4k is overkill in my opinion the sweepspot between 1080 and 4k therefore is 1440p. For the Refreshrate all games with fast moving feel really nice (my games: Forza Horizon 4, Doom Eternal, COD, etc.) at higher frame rates.
  2. It still would be fullscreen, it just looks a bit more blurry. The 5500 should get you playable 60 fps at 1440 at medium to high to settings depending on the game. Keep in mind, that your monitor will likely last longer than the graphics card. So I would get the monitor now and switch to a better graphics card down the line.
  3. Searched for it already, just wanted to know if there are any brands you can recommened, just found some which looked like knockoffs.
  4. It prevents in easy words glitches on the screen if the monitor doesn't get enough or more framed than the Hz of your monitor for more here a good techquickie to it:
  5. Check it out on https://www.rtings.com/. They got solid tests and tell you how suitable it is for different uses.
  6. It just helps, if you got questions regarding your PC or issues, than it makes it easier because people know what your specs are. The bigger vram should help in most titles. With your titles it should be ok, if you don't mind to go a bit lower with the settings.
  7. Hey guys, I got a gaming PC and a laptop with a docking station and I'm using two different sets of keyboard and mouse to it. Now I would like to use only one set for both. Do you know a good USB Switch so I can connect one mouse and one keyboard two both systems? Best
  8. Had the same question some months ago. I think it depends on your other needs. I'm running a 27'' 144hz 1440p. Before I had 27'' 1080p and I never wanna go back. 1440p introduces so much "space", if you're working a lot with it. As well 27" inch is for me the sweepspot, it is pretty immersive. I'm running a 5700xt and all titles are fine. What are you planning to play? Btw little tip check out the lg 27gl850-b.
  9. Tried my PS4 Controller, but I was disappointed that some games needed emulation and I had the feeling that it introduced Input Lag. On top mapping was not great sometimes. Bought than a Xbox One Controller and didn't have any issues since than. Instant Recognition and all mapping work perfectly.
  10. You have to check maybe, if your cables are the correct ones:)
  11. Hi, had the same issue with mine (KRK Rokit 6). Mostly it comes from some Ground or EF Issues. Solution is mostly to have some grounding in between. For me this did it: https://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_microhd_hd400.htm Best
  12. I guess so. I experienced this issue from other headphones.
  13. True, but right now a 1 TB Samsung 970 evo costs exactly the same as a 860 evo here in germany.
  14. Hi guys, because Cyberpunk is around the corner, I wanted to give my storage an upgrade. Right now I'm wondering whether I should move Windows and everything to the nvme and install also the games to the nvme. The other solution would be keeping the os on the sata ssd and just use the nvme for games. Best Andreas
  15. Sometimes those headphones have two modes: - With Microphone (here the name is hands-free): phone quality for the audio signal - Without: Higher quality. Could you check in your audio settings, if you see the headphone a second time?
  16. I boiled it down to two options: 1. 1x LG 27GL850-B 2. 2x AOC 24G2U Both options are pretty similiar in pricing here. Right now I tend a bit more to option 2.
  17. It is really made for microphone. I would not recommend it. I would otherwise try out the track section with the RCA Jacks. Normally it should be easy to get a 3,5 mm Jack to RCA Cable.
  18. Do you think in terms of resolution, it is not worth upgrading or in terms of the size of the monitor?
  19. Hi, this should be the correct one I think: https://www.thomann.de/gb/pro_snake_tpy_2030_kpp.htm?ref=cg_cg_6_3_n_0 Did you use one of those? You need to go into line 3/4. Best
  20. Did you use the splittet version of the cables or the 3,5 mm all in one? As well sometimes the audio driver doesn't pickup correctly the type of device you are using.Than you have to change the resolution of the audio signal in the settings.
  21. Hi guys, short update, since the laptop had also some other issues, I stopped working on this project. But thanks for your support. Best Andreas
  22. Hi guys, I built a rig last Winter (i5 8400, 5700XT, 16 Gigs RAM) and used my existing older 27" 1080p/60hz Samsung Curved Monitor. Right now I wanna do an upgrade, but I'm not sure which option to go. My workload is a mix of classic office work and Single Player Games (Witcher 3, Borderlands 3, etc.) 1. 27" 1440p/144hz: This sounds more future proof and also since I'm working from home sometimes, more space for office work. On the other side the higher resolution would mean I loose a lot of headroom from my GPU for future games (Cyberpunk, etc.) and my rig will ge
  23. Do you know a good guide? That's true. It is only my curiosity, which now wants to make this work
  24. Yes to the optimus: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09) 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108M [GeForce GT 620M/630M/635M/640M LE] (rev a1) I'm using popOS.
  25. Hi guys, i wanted to make out of an old laptop a little Steam Link Maschine to play in the living room. All worked out pretty well with the nvidia version. I just got still issues with my grapics card. This laptop got an old GTX 630M and I tried to get it running, but the nvidia x server settings show up empty and also nvidia-settings shows that the driver is not running. Does anybody know, how to get this solved? Would it help to install an old driver? Best Andreas