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  1. JP8296

    Backlight bleed

    Full dark room, not edited straight from camera.
  2. JP8296

    Backlight bleed

    Yeah like i said, photos are not very reliable. Both were taken with the brightness as 60%. I'm talking about those yellowish spots, the rest sean's normal IPS glow, but, again i'm been too much exigent for this range. Thanks anyway
  3. Hello I bought a Gigabyte 27 "M27Q-EEK IPS QHD 170Hz 0.5ms monitor for gamming and photo editing, from all the reviews that I read it seemed like a very balanced monitor between price/quality/features, like most IPS and normal that there is some bleed backlight, now that I received and tested it , maybe I am being too demanding, compared to other ips that I have this seems the worst. I pointed out the worst part although the photographs are not super reliable but you get the idea, the rest looks like IPS glow and is not as problematic as it looks in the photo. My question is, is th
  4. Yeah thanks for the clarification, everything seems alright then. thanks
  5. First of all sorry for being a noob (fist time with AMD), but ai can't make the memory work at it full capacity (G. Skill 2*16g 3600 cl 16 and Rog Strix x570 E). I have docp enable and the sticks are on the 2º and 4º port and yet al the info i get (R.Masters, cpu z) is that the memory is runing at 1800mhz.
  6. After 20 min Stress test on cpu z the temp don't go over 80º and the vcore sits at 1.36v average, so i should be fine with this? I need to read lot before get back into overclock and this is my first AMD cpu so, lots of doubts.
  7. So I just finish my new build (first in 7 years) and I'm having some doubts about the cpu temps and voltages, i'm using a Rog strix X570 E, 3900X, ram ll 32g 3600, cooler Corsair H150I pro xt. The cpu on idle gets around 42º (fans and pump on balance and thermal grizzly hydronaut ) read on ryzen master, core temp shows 48/50º and Al Suite III fluctuations around 38/44º at same time, 1.42-1.43 V with no OC, are this values normal on this cpu? From what I search seems a little high and i don't know what values to trust.
  8. JP8296

    Temp sensor

    So I'm finally mounting my new rig, my case is a NZXT H710 and I have a doubt about where to install the temp sensor from my Commander Pro or the best way to secure them or I shouldn't even worry about putting them? Thanks
  9. Is possible to instal a h150i on a nzxt h710 in a push/pull configuration on the front mont? The case came with 3 120mm fans on the front so i was thinking to set them on my commander pro with the fans from the h150i for beter air flow maeby.
  10. Can-t find the II 360mm near me(Portugal/Spain), just the 240 or the Arctic Freezer 360. Is safe to use liquid metal with this AIO (Corsair, Nzxt,...etc?)
  11. I did read the same about the 3900X, that's why I asking for help
  12. I like the h115i rgb pro xt and my peripherals are from corsair, so it would be cool the be able tu manage everything from just one app but that is not mandatory. I did read the the stock fans from the h115i rgb pro xt are bad and that make me look into the kraken x62 (better performance but CAM is also bad), so the ideal would be the h115i rgb pro xt with very good fans? If yes, wicht ones?
  13. I will be using a NZXT 710I and 32g of ram and I don`t know if I cant gent the NH D15 in there, also I always had big coolers in my rigs, so I was looking for something different this time.
  14. So, I`m about to buy a 3900X, my old i5 3570k is dying, and I`m looking for a silent setup. First time with AIO, looking for the best performance/price. I was thinking about the corsair 115i pro xt, but the Kraken X62 seems to have better performance. Is the 150I pro or the kraken X73 worth it?
  15. This will be my first build with team red, a always was a intel person, but seems difficult to justify an intel processor right now. Possibly, it's not difficult to work on some 2gb plus files, so yeah it might be a good choice. My RTX 2070S is 'only' 5 months old and is still a good enough card, a RTX 3000 series will be price af, the RTX 2000 are already not cheap, so I'm gona stick with it for a wile. I'm also a little concern with the cooler, first time with AIO, I like Corsair, my mouse and keyboard are from Corsair, so I would be nice to control ever
  16. Budget (including currency): 1300€ Country: Portugal Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Build a new rig for the next 5-7 years, AAA Games, Photoshop, Lightroom So, I was about to build a new pc on last December but due to some events a end up just buying a RTX 2070 super OC for my old rig. At the end of this month I will finally able to do a new build and put my 7 years old rig to a deserved rest. I was thinking about something between this two, adding up the RTX 2070 (for now) and Seasonic Focus GX-650W 80+ Gold I already have: Abo
  17. So I was planing on make a new pc on the new year, I had a litle problem and wont be able to do the full upgrade rigth now. So i was thinking if is worth it to upgrade my old rig now and buy the rest later this year. Rgight now I have a i5 3570K OC @4.2ghz nounted on a Asus P8Z77-V. I cam buy now a PNY RTX 2070 Super or ASUS RTX 2070 Super EVO OC Edition and a EVGA BQ 650W PLUS Modular (my power suply is only 600W) and the motherboard, new processor and ram later, but I don't know if is worth it due to the graphic card get way to bottlenecked by the processor.
  18. Yeah i know but is different to read benchmarks and discuss with people that have experience in both cases.
  19. Thanks everyone for the tips. I also do some stuff on AutoCad but the r5 or r7 will be a good option. On the motherboard the X570 looks better for future upgrades so even if i go with a less powerful CPU for now I can upgrade in the future with better compatibility . I have been reading a lot about cooling but still no conclusion, is water cooling better than air ou is just for the looks and noise? Moust Noctua air coolers seams to have the same performance as the watercoling, plus less maintenance, I like the looks but water on the pc is still weird for me. The GPU, I don't know, I'm just a
  20. I can get the r7 3700x for the same price of the i7 9700K, just don't know if the price difference between the r5 and r7 ou i7 worth it.
  21. I'm from Portugal but I will buy the parts from Spain.
  22. 'm looking for replace my old 2013 rig, the new pc is basically for gaming and edit photos on photoshop and lightroom. I'm thinking to spend around 1000/1500€, don't need a new screen. This is wath I have im mind but any improvements are apreciated. MoBo: Asus PRIME Z370-A II - 162.54€ CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6Ghz - 376.10€ RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 PC4-24000 16GB 2x8GB CL15 - 87.37€ Storage: Samsung SSD 860 EVO M.2 250GB - 64.66€ Toshiba L200 2.5" 1TB SATA 3 - 44.73€ GPU:Asus Dual GeForce RTX 2070 EVO 8GB GDDR6 - 467.50€ Case: NZXT H510 Vidro Tem