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  1. So I managed to get a 3080 strix and was wondering about quiet mode vs performance mode. I couldn’t really find a lot of info on this so I was hoping someone here might help. Right now I have it set to quiet mode. I have 3 intake fans and 3 exhaust fans. In borderlands 3 with badass settings at 1440p I max out at 74c. Is this a good safe temp? Other than the coil whine which I can’t fix and have always dealt with it throughout the several gpu’s I’ve owned I definitely appreciate the quiet factor considering how close my pc to me is. I imagine that performance mode would enable a more aggressiv
  2. Yeah.. at this point I’ll just try to get a Xbox one controller and see if I have any better luck... you have any favorite designs? I know there’s a lot of really cool color ways and patterns out there for the Xbox one controller
  3. I’m a clean freak. My entire pc set up is spotless, I wash my hands more times a day than I probably should. Literally right out of the box all 3 controllers have had this exact issue. And it’s not that I’m doing a really really light click either, it simply will NOT register when clicked at at an angle. Which is where my thumb naturally rests when gaming.
  4. So I’m on my third defective series x controller. When clicked at an angle, the A button will completely not register. So I was wondering if maybe the Xbox one controller is any better? I really want an Xbox controller for my pc for games that don’t support PS4 button prompts (yes I’m aware DS4 can get games to recognize the controller but having the in screen prompts is important to me) been very frustrating so far because I love the feel and look of these controllers but I won’t stand for soemthing that doesn’t work a quarter of the time!
  5. I have the same exact problem. I’m 3/3 as well. Got my third replacement in the mail today, same problem. Top right press on the A button. This infuriates me unbelievably bad
  6. What is LN2 overclocking? I know very little about overclocking
  7. I have a 10700k. But as long as it doesn’t hurt by both being plugged in I definitely will plug them both when I go to change my cables out
  8. So I’m replacing my cables in my pc with some custom braided cablemod cables and realized that there’s two slots for power on the motherboard?(top loft section) I believe these are called EPS connections right..? Anyway, I’m used to seeing only one slot from my last build and was curious why this second slot is here, since I’ll have the cables for it I’ll definitely be able to plug both slots in. But was hoping someone could explain this to me a bit better, thank you in advance for any help!
  9. Interesting. I’ve seen people talk about getting the same problem over and over and over again. Maybe I’ll just keep trying my luck.
  10. Can you confirm all the buttons work as intended even when clicked lightly at different angles? If there’s hope for a good batch I’ll keep returning until I get a good one.
  11. So I have a dual sense controller, a DualShock 4 controller and recently added a Xbox series x controller to my lineup for better support on Microsoft exclusive games. Yes I know I can get the PlayStation controllers to work with most games but seeing Xbox buttons while hitting buttons on a PlayStation controller messes with my brain lol. I bought a white series x controller and it’s A button wouldn’t register when clicked at an angle. This was an absolute game breaker. Figured it was faulty. Returned it and bought a blue one instead. Boom same problem. Albeit slightly better, still a game cha
  12. Thank you for taking time to response and showing a diagram, really appreciate it. I don’t mind not having all my slots filled but if it helps, then I want it but if not oh well. I might just leave the 7th fan out then and just do the 3 intake and 3 exhaust via top mounted rad. You made it seem like the 4th fan wouldn’t do very much correct? I was actually thinking it might distract the airflow, because with no fan on the back end there will be a steady airflow from the front to the top. But that 4th fan might disrupt that and just give me a slight bit of negative pressure? Is this accurate? W
  13. So my 5000D airflow by Corsair just came in the mail today to replace my 4000D, the reason I wanted to upgrade the case was because my 4000 could only fit a 240mm AIO. Technically it supports a 280 with low profile memory but I don’t have that. I was originally thinking radiator on the front, tubes down, however the hoses on the AIO aren’t long enough and I don’t want the tubes upwards. So now I have to top mount it and use it as exhaust. I have a pack of 3 ml120 pro RGB fans by Corsair (same specs as the ones included with the AIO but lower rpm I think) so now I’m going to use those 3 to popu
  14. This video helped a lot, Will def be putting my aio front mounted!
  15. I have a 2070 super FE edition. so dual fans.
  16. So I have a i7-10700k, RTX 2070 super, 32g DDR4 3200 ram in a corsair 4000D airflow cooled by a icue h100i capellix AIO(240mm) and luckily corsair released their 5000D airflow right on time and still had time to return my cooler/case. Now im getting the new case and a 360m varient of the same AIO since now the larger case can fit it both in front and on top. so my question is: What would be the best outcome for me? Front mounted aio as intake, tubes down with 1 exhaust on the back and 2 exhaust on top. OR do I put my AIO on top as all exhaust, another exhaust in the back (4exhaust) and then 3
  17. Thank GOD, The intel update assistant didnt help, but when I went through asus and installed through there, boom. getting proper ping and proper speeds now very happy to report
  18. I’ll try directly from intel I think that would be best. Thank you very much for the links and here’s hoping that this solves my problem!
  19. I don’t have WiFi in my area of the house neither do I want it, I believe in wired connection. Especially for gaming, as I mentioned the cable in question is the exact same cable I used on a different pc that works. Computers are barley 5 feet away so I can safely rule out any interference
  20. Where can I find internet card drivers? Also is there any possibility that my MOBO is defective?
  21. To whomever is reading this, thank you. I built a new gaming pc with an ASUS ROG Z490-E gaming motherboard, i7-10700k. My understanding is that the gigabit adapter supports up to 2.5 gigabit ethernet speeds. well im only getting around 350 speeds. At first I thought it must be my ISP. After several hours of talking to them, nothing. I didnt have any other device to test with a gigabit port until now, I just finished rebuilding my wifes pc and her pc gets the full gig speed. So now im pulling my hair wondering why this very expensive pc isnt giving me what its supposed to. I tried manually sett
  22. So I finally got everything figured out clean installed windows on my new fancy SSD. All to find out that it’s running in gen 2x2. I have a MSI x99a SLI plus motherboard with an i7-5820k. Whenever I try to set my m.2 source link to auto the system won’t boot. I saw a couple people recommended reinstalling but that’s the absolute last thing I want to do. I really hope someone can help me figure this out without pulling my hair out
  23. Thanks!! I really appreciate all your help
  24. Yup exactly what you said is what I did! Already moved over the Witcher 3 and destiny 2. If I knew it would be this simple I would’ve never cloned. I did all this in less time that the cloning process took! Oh well at least now it’s done. If any further questions arises could I PM you or contact you via this thread again?
  25. I figured it out! I feel like a little boy on Christmas Day haha. Windows boots in like seconds! It’s amazing