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  1. My internet speed as a whole while I'm connected to Ethernet. I understand the wifi gets slower but my hardwired connection shouldn't suffer while I'm connected to the router.
  2. Hello LTT fam, I have a question about Routers. Linked is my current router that I have which doesn't seem to support speeds over 300mbps when I'm direct connected it to the router "I plug from Modem to Router to PC (All Ethernet)". I currently have the 1gig line through Cox and it shows all 950mbps when I'm directly connected to the modem itself. I've tried to go into the router settings and set my bandwidth to 1000 down 50 up. Set my IP to DMZ and priority bandwidth. I would just assume it's due to having all the devices but its still capping when I'm the only one home. Curr
  3. I'm really in a bind. I currently have a 6700K OC'd 15% (max it'll go) and i'm wondering if I'm wasting money on a 2070S I'm still within my 30 day return at best buy. I do 1080p gaming as it's my 120hz monitor while my 4k is dog poo in refresh. do you think it's worth returning and grabbing the 1660 and do a real upgrade later down the line with a complete build or just stick with the 2070S. I'm sure some amazing tech will be coming out in the next year or two. When playing COD at 1080 max settings I see the GPU at nearly 95% and the CPU at 90+%
  4. Jubus that's insane! cant fathom spending that much on a cord
  5. I've done maybe a weeks worth of comparing side by side, spec by spec and in the end I've found the extra $250 Isn't justified for an extra 7-9 frames across many games. Very few games did the 2080 super UNLESS you're rocking that 4k build then might as well drop another 250 and get a TI. but 70s vs 80s meh naw not justified.
  6. Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gents. I currently upgraded to a 2070S from a 780TI. My Acer GD245HQ requires a duel link DVI to run at 120hz which I can no longer use due to only having HDMI / DP ports. Does any one knows of a Duel Link DVI to DP that will not lock me to 60hz? I don't want to buy another monitor.