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  1. Hi everyone, hope you're all healthy and happy. I've been wanting to get a better understanding of display technologies for awhile now. Anything in particular a beginner should try to learn first?
  2. I did have it maxed but I dropped it down to 20. I'm getting about 110 fps with that
  3. Okay. Just figured that an okay CPU and a 1060 would be able to handle maxing them out
  4. I never noticed until recently. Pretty interesting if you ask me
  5. Well then what could be the reason for my low performance? I'm sure my rig should be getting more than 40fps??
  6. Hi all, so during some minecraft the other day I noticed that the game is only using 2GB of my memory. I have 8GB of DDR3 RAM @1600MHz installed in my computer so why is minecraft only using 2GB? I have an i5 4460 @3.20GHz and a GTX 1060 6GB version and I get around 40 fps in game with all settings maxed. I'm positive I should be getting more performance from this. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you
  7. Hi all! I'm bored out of my mind and stuck at home from being sick. It just started today and I've got a cough (great). I'm not sure if it's the virus yet or not but I've been monitoring my temperature. I'm still working so I could've caught it from there. Until then, give me company and help me fight off the boredom. Thanks
  8. I didnt even think of notifying city officials. That might be a good idea if things dont improve.
  9. If procedures around the building dont improve it's most likely going to have to come to that point. No matter how badly I dont want it to.
  10. I definitely feel as though I'm at higher risk. It may end up to the point where I just have to take the time with no pay. Because my company isnt forced to be closed i wont be getting any help from the government on lost pay either. I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place.
  11. As I said in the original post my mother is very high risk. She can only take advantage of about 50% of her lung capacity on a good day with 2 inhalers. With no inhalers its about 30%. I dont want to be the one responsible for her getting sick. It makes me so anxious.
  12. That would also be a better alternative in my eyes. My company has very loose rules relating to helping stop the spread too. And nothing is really being enforced.
  13. Yeah we just got the news not too long ago that we are all clear to keep operating. All I can do now is prepare to get sick and do everything I can to not spread it.
  14. And another thing is it's the beginning of spring here. Literally the most mild time of year in terms of temperature. Its 50⁰F here pretty much daily. The world existed before heating and AC...... theres a difference between life sustaining and comfort sustaining and that line is very blurred at the moment.
  15. Well the state is in agreement that we are "life sustaining" that means a full crew of 50+ workers showing up for more than 8 hours a day with deliveries constantly going in and out of our doors. The only way we are going to shut down is if/when one of our crew gets the virus. That or if business becomes so slow that it costs more to keep us at work doing nothing than to send us home. All I can do now is prepare to get sick and pray that I don't transmit it to my mother.
  16. I didn't even think of posting there really. Might give it a shot. Thanks
  17. You'll probably be hitting pretty close to 144 with that setup. I dont really think you need RAM quite that fast though. Maybe 3200MHz if you want to save some money. As for the next few years you'll probably be okay too. You may not always hit 144 though.
  18. Hi all, I live in Pennsylvania and as of yesterday all non "life sustaining" businesses are required to be closed. I work in the HVAC industry and my company is fighting it by saying we occasionally sell a part to a hospital. My question is will this hold up as an excuse to still operate? Will I need to prepare to get sick? I'm at an increased risk of the virus due to asthma and my mother who I see every day is at an extremely high risk. I dont expect to find any experts here but I need to know what to prepare for. Thank you all.
  19. I found the article and see what you mean. I have a strong feeling that if i continue to have to work I'll catch it
  20. RGBisKey

    Case airflow

    Ohh okay now I understand how the negative pressure would draw fresh air right onto the GPU. I'll have to try this. THANK YOU!!
  21. RGBisKey

    Case airflow

    I was planning on just using it for air to flow in. I already have one exhaust fan at the back of my case. If I make the side panel fan exhaust, should I switch the rear fan to be intake?
  22. First off, thank you for the kind words. As a little background, I've been diagnosed with severe depression for about 3 years now. I live in Pennsylvania and the state went into a state of all non "life sustaining" businesses to be closed. I work in the HVAC industry and my company is going to be fighting it. They are going with the excuse that we occasionally sell parts that go to a hospital. Emphasis on occasionally. I'm not sure that the government will agree or not. It scares me because we have trucks coming in from all over the state and I am an increased danger person because of my asthm
  23. RGBisKey

    Case airflow

    No the system is on a desk. I haven't drilled any holes but I did mount an intake fan to the side panel. I never thought of trying it as an exhaust though. I'll have to look into that. As for the holes would it be better to drill a bunch of smaller holes on the side panel next to the GPU or one big hole right under where the GPU fan is in the bottom?