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  1. Hm interesting, it'll probably be worth the wait even for the second hand market to be flooded with used cards from people upgrading
  2. Is there a good chance a new card in that price range will come out? I thought these releases were mostly very high end
  3. Hi, I'm currently running a Ryzen 5 3600 with a 1060 6gb. I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card to something in the $300-$400 USD range. What cards should I be looking at?
  4. Could you possibly give me a step by step? Or a link to one?
  5. I need something for Windows. I'm just looking to clone one SSD to another and then wipe the drive I cloned
  6. Hi there, I was wondering what are some easy and free ways to completely wipe an SSD?
  7. Okay well thank you anyways
  8. The thing is, I need something asap. My computer is totally useless right now without one.
  9. Seeing as my monitor has decided to crap out on me and the manufacturer offers only a refund and not a replacement, I'm in the market for a new monitor. I'm looking to spend $200-$300 USD. This monitor will be used solely for gaming and casual web browsing. I have a GTX 1060 6GB in my system so 1080p and 144Hz is what I'm after. Curved or not curved doesn't matter too much, I'm indifferent. Any suggestions?? I really am not too sure what I'm looking for here.
  10. I will look into RMAing it. Hopefully China's finest can get me sorted out (scarcasim)
  11. Hi all, take this as my final cry for help before I lose my s**t. A few months ago I purchased a new AXM 2428 monitor. I was attracted to this one because of the 144Hz capabilities at such a low price. Now I realize why. I had been gone for the weekend and when I came back last night and went to use my computer my monitor would turn off and on seemingly randomly. Now, before I had left for the weekend I installed 3 new fans into my PC but hadn't had time to test it or even turn it on. Could these fans be causing the issue? It's the only possible thing that has changed. The monitor power supply
  12. It's NVMe I'm pretty sure. What would it take to get a 1TB drive with PCIe gen 4 support?
  13. I think it supports nvme but I cant tell for sure. My mobo is an MSI MPG Gaming Edge Wifi. Also, I'm willing to spend more if it will really make a difference in performance
  14. Hi everyone, so my new mobo has the ability to use M.2 drives but I'm not really sure what to be looking for. I'm hoping to get 1TB for around $100 USD. Any suggestions or things I should be looking out for?
  15. Thank you for all you help. You possibly saved me from something disastrous
  16. Yeah after this I highly doubt I'll be attempting to overclock even after I upgrade my cooler. I'm brand new to CPU overclocking as this chip is the first I've ever had that is capable of it. I'm glad I asked before I just tried it. Thank you for you help
  17. Okay I understand more now. As the cpus get better they almost tune in the overclock themselves in the form of boost
  18. Gotcha. I definitely don't want to harm my cpu by trying to get some extra fps/performance
  19. So what I'm hearing is don't bother trying until I have the cooling power to actually push it. Correct?
  20. This build is primarily for gaming, though I do use some photoshop occasionally. I definitely plan on upgrading my cooler further down the line but with the pandemic causing stock/pricing issues I've decided to wait until things calm down. Also, if relevant at all I'm using an X570 mobo.
  21. Hi everyone, I was wondering what kind of an overclock I could get on my Ryzen 5 3600 with the included wraith stealth cooler? Obviously, I know it won't be much at all, so my second question is, would it even be worth OCing with the stock cooler? what kind of performance increase can I expect to see? Any and all advice is appreciated, thank you.
  22. Hi all, just a quick little question. Does motherboard choice have any effect on GPU overclocking?
  23. I have pretty good airflow in my case so while gaming I usually stay in the low 70s. I'm using a gtx 1060 6gb mini. I use a custom curve. The only time I ever come close to 80 is while benchmarking. This was more just a general question
  24. Yeah don't get my wrong, I'm not constantly pinned at 83. I'm usually in the lower 70s while gaming. It only gets that hot while benchmarking