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  1. Hi all, I'm a keyboard noob who has only used membrane keyboards my whole life. I have very limited knowledge with mechanical keyboards but I'm looking to get my first one. What kind of things should I be looking out for? What brands are good? Am I just best off getting a big name like corsair? Help!

  2. 4 hours ago, MrBrightSyde said:

    Yeah, I get that. But the line above was used by another user (not naming them) in an older thread because he said "Don't talk to me like a child" or something like that and threw the BSD developer line after it. Ralf was just quoting the line, using it to be funny obviously. Got a small chuckle out of me.


    Anyway, back on topic.

    Glad you are returning the other PSU. Hope you enjoy your build...unless something else goes wrong.

    Oh I will enjoy it to no end, thank you for the well wishes  :)

  3. 4 hours ago, -rascal- said:


    The OP *IS* running a high-end system, compared to a typical office system.

    His 5700 XT graphics card alone can pull 210W+.



    The Corsair TXM 550W or 650W will be absolutely fine.

    That or, the three Cooler Master / BeQuiet PSUs I mentioned are also great.

    I really appreciate your help. The new psu will arrive Saturday. Then, I can call the bomb squad to take the other one away 😂

  4. 47 minutes ago, SavageNeo said:

    not to mention that the N1 is very noisy and has bad cables according to reviews

    As the not so proud owner of an N1 (for now) I can confirm this. The fan is just as loud as any case fan in my system and the cables are rigid and hard to work with. Not to mention the rat's nest of spare cables at the bottom of my case. After seeing how dangerous it really is I'm glad I ordered a new one before installing a new GPU. Hopefully the corsair Txm 650 gold will be much better

  5. 5 hours ago, -rascal- said:


    NORMALLY...if it wasn't because of low / no stock due to the Human Malware...you can get a really decent PSU for ~$100 USD.

    Now? At this time? Not so much...

    Any of these will be fine for your system (550W+)


    Cooler Master MWE Gold 650W



    BeQuiet Pure Power 11 600W



    BeQuiet Straight Power 11 550W





    This is what I ended up going with: 



    I needed a new power supply ASAP as I found out how bad the current EVGA N1 that I have is.

  6. Just now, -rascal- said:


    Yes...such as..

    • CPU
    • Motherboard
    • Graphics Card
    • RAM
    • HDD / SSD

    CPU + Motherboard + Graphics Card being the main/primary ones...

    CPU: ryzen 5 3600

    Mobo: Msi mpg x570 gaming edge wifi

    GPU: 5700xt

    RAM: 16GB 

    SSD 1: 1TB nvme m.2

    SSD 2: 500 GB SATA drive

  7. Hi all, I'm looking to get a 650W PSU but I have no clue what units are good and what is bad. Please help! I have a few things I want the power supply to include, I would like it to be either fully or semi modular, be at least 80+ bronze, have all black cables, and have the unit itself to be as black and white colored as possible. I have a budget of around $100 USD. Any help is greatly appreciated :)

  8. 1 minute ago, 5x5 said:

    Depending on the budget, either q Corsair CX550 or a Be Quiet Pure Power Gold 600W

    Budget isnt too much of a concern but aesthetics are. I want something with all black cables and modular or semi modular. As long as I'm not paying a crazy uplifted price I'll be fine

  9. Just now, TheDailyProcrastinator said:

    550W is fine as long as it is a quality PSU, you likely will not draw over 350W MAX at full load. PSU calculators also over estimate as they calculate the "draw" by adding the max draw of each component, but in the real world all components never would simultaneously draw at the max. What is the PSU model you are looking to get?

    I already have an EVGA 550 N1, it is NOT 80+ certified at all

  10. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my gpu soon and I've been looking at the 5700xt. Online shops say that a 600W power supply is recommended but when I put my system into a PSU calculator it comes in at around 450W-500W with the 5700xt. Am I okay to purchase? I can provide full system specs if necessary.

  11. 3 minutes ago, TheBahrbarian said:

    Didn't think non-super cards were even available anymore. But also, I agree with @GDRRiley, get a 5700XT. Compared to the 2070s, the 2070 has ~5% better performance overall, and was slower in some game benchmarks. And when i compared prices the 2070s was easily 80-100 dollars more, definitely not worth it IMO. The 5700XT hits a sweet spot for 1400p gaming so it should handle 1080 at 144Hz well.

    My problem is my PSU is limited to 550W so I think both the 2070S and 5700XT are out of the question

  12. 3 minutes ago, Neutraliz said:

    No, but I wouldn't recommand the 2070 overall anyway. 
    The 2070S tho, yes. No hold back from the 3600.

    Is the super version of the card really that much better to justify the price increase? I'm not going to be able to wait for the new Nvidia & AMD cards so I'm looking to get the most for my money right now. Also, what should I be paying for a 2070S?

  13. 4 minutes ago, 3rrant said:

    Very likely that they will. They said multiple times RDNA2 will provide option for all the stack. If you aren't in a hurry, you'd definitely better off waiting a bit and evaluating RDNA2/Ampere GPUs.

    I think I'll definitely be waiting. Is there any info on when these releases will be?